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Lightbulb Special Thanks to ICESTORM

Originally Posted by icest0rm View Post
Okay, I will go ahead and just lift the entire ban. I will however still move/delete posts when I see it's necessary. As Burgersoft said, there are clear distinctions between religious and scientific content. The other IDs created by TruthInArt will remain banned. Please note, I do not allow multiple logins.

They say distinctions exist between Philosophic, Scientific and Religious content.
You said "NEVER" and that was the first I heard about the policies forum held.
I like many of the members of FROSTCLOUD do present you with their problems.
In response I say that all things hold a list of common words thus impartial.

I remember a movie I saw back in the nineties called "The Icestorm" by Ang Lee.
Formed from out of the text of a book by Ron Moody about a disfunctional family.
Click on the picture if you want to read a precis of the plot line of the story.
The most memorable scenes were the last walk Mickey took as he wondered.

I do not know where the server that is FROSTCLOUD is in relationship with this.
If you and I passed each other in the street we would not know who we just passed.
Internet anonymity is a real problem since we do not in reality live with each other.
Living with each other on a day to day basis is different from on line relationships.

I imagine that you have made many sacrifices of time and money to put it together.
So in response to that energy so expended on behalf of all of FROSTCLOUD members.
One can only say thanks for all of the trouble that you have gone too in all fairness.
Life is an obstacle course, after an event, we know of what is right, not wrong.

I look forward to seeing more improvements and if their is any way I can help?
If you want me to go away and leave the other members to themselves is that O.K.?
I share my thoughts freely since that is what communication is all about I beleive.
If other members are offended by my thinking then who is censor of their thoughts?
Love knowledge of the truth to trust for all eternity that is the BIBLE.
Power to be learning the ways of reason and not the ways of violence.
Wisdom to be acheiving the objective of the predicate of all sentences.
Justice to the poverty stricken nescience the poor children's innocence
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