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Cool In case of wonder

Originally Posted by airmikee View Post
You really need to keep your religious preaching to the religious forum, TiA.

If you want to discuss the scriptures and emotions, then make a thread in the religion forum, but it's annoying as hell to your ridiculously long preachy posts cluttering up threads that aren't in the religion forum and have nothing to do with religion.

Did you ever receive the privilege of viewing an ice storm?
I missed the opportunity once down in ancient Tasmania.
The wilderness is cold and stark and we are old and dark.
Reach a golden handshake to preach about a rotten apple.
With a worm that turned since tuned into radio national.
Then a grub, now a pupa, what next do I turn butter fly.
Time to grow up little lady or is it ladette and deportment.
School for scolder's inter class tensions do need detention.
Love and Hate are of the passions opposite pose to apathy.
See the figurative use of pet exercise area in mental exercise?
Sure you love swimming in icy waters when the gulf stream stops!

Love knowledge of the truth to trust for all eternity that is the BIBLE.
Power to be learning the ways of reason and not the ways of violence.
Wisdom to be acheiving the objective of the predicate of all sentences.
Justice to the poverty stricken nescience the poor children's innocence
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