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The bell curve

Originally Posted by airmikee View Post
Ice storms? Cold? Below zero weather? I guess living in Utah has left me unable to experience those things. Tell me about what I'm missing out on, please?

Again, I truly have no experience dealing with cold weather, as my geographic location on this planet does not have the "privilege" of expericing the cold.


Head first, baby.

Click picture
for a brief synopsis
of the present day view
of spiritual ice storm story.
A scene that impressed me
Mikey on an icy diving board
Over empty swim pool bounces
The camera viewpoint from above
The sense of vertigo astounding awe.
Next scene Mikey sits on roadside Armco
Weight of ice pulls down a power pole lines
Hot wires touch Armco Mikey slumps forward
falls to icy road, slides dead to the power lines.

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