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Originally Posted by Meme Virus View Post
"Pope Sues his Doctor for Prescribing Amphetamines"

She read the story, and was amazed to discover that the pope had recently gone to his doctor complaining of aches and pains that made it hard for him to stand up and greet all his thousands of adoring fans when they came to see him for Sunday mass. He'd even been feeling too lethargic to want to perform the mass. His doctor had promised him that amphetamines would give him tons of energy and make him forget his pain, so he wouldn't have that problem any more.

The treatment had worked. But to the pope's later embarrassment, the pills had put him on such a high that after greeting his masses of fans, he'd invited them all to a party he'd decided to host, where he'd stripped naked and danced around Vatican City, singing at the top of his voice, and encouraging all his fans to follow him. He'd heartily recommended that they take all their clothes off too. Some did.

He'd had so much fun that he did the same thing the following week. And during the masses he led, he threw his head back and guzzled down entire bottles of communion wine, and led the congregation in bawdy songs about Jesus going away for dirty weekends with Mary Magdalene.

He was thoroughly enjoying himself, till a big group of cardinals knocked on the door of the Vatican one day and made an official complaint, threatening to force him to resign. And journalists started ringing him up to ask him what was going on, and requesting permission to come and film his Sunday antics.

He was upset about that, and worried he was going to be blamed for his shocking behaviour. So he decided to blame his doctor instead and sue him. He reluctantly stopped taking the amphetamines. But when he went back to feeling as bad as he had before, he worried that if he sued his doctor, the doctor wouldn't give him something else to help with his problem.

But then he came up with the idea of microdosing the amphetamines. He did, and he found it helped, without turning him into a maniacal party animal. But he decided to sue his doctor anyway, because he just had to escape the blame for his bad behaviour by blaming someone else.

When the doctor reading that story had finished it, she started to feel a bit concerned that she might be sued herself, perhaps by the old lady she'd just seen, if using the fireworks she'd prescribed caused an accident. She imagined the story getting in the papers, with headlines like,

"Burning Bum Doctor Prescribes Fireworks to Patient"
or, "Doctor's Prescription Blows Old Lady's Bottom Off"
or, "Doctor Sued After Prescription Causes House Fire"

She wondered whether she ought to phone the old lady up soon and ask her to come in again and prescribe something different for her, telling her not to use the fireworks after all. But she thought it would be a pity, since they seemed such a good solution.

After thinking about it for a little while, she decided to ...
forget about it and called on her next patient.

A young man walked in and said "Evening Doctor." and proceeded to sit down.

The doctor was thankful that this man appeared to be normal and was hoping that she could have a normal patient with a normal problem, so she could give a normal diagnosis, she breathed a huge sigh of relief and replied. "Hi there, what can I do for you today?"

"Well I'm after some advice, my wife was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer around 3 months ago." said the man.

"Oh I'm very sorry to hear that, how is she responding to the news and treatment." replied the doctor sympathetically.

"Well that's the thing, she didn't need any treatment. Obviously, I was very worried and asked her if there was anything I could do for her. So she said that I should give her cunnilingus every day. So being the loyal husband that I am, I did that and despite all the pain and suffering from my tongue and mouth, I did what was best for her because I love her." he replied.

"OK. And has that helped?" asked the doctor.

"Well, the amazing thing is that she is in full remission, the tumor has shrunk and almost disappeared. Her Doctor has been claiming that it's nothing short of a miracle. She was about to start Chemotherapy but doesn't need it anymore." replied the man.

"Well that is amazing...fantastic news!" beamed the Doctor. "So what is the problem?"

The man put his hands on his head and said "The problem is her mum whose just turned 55 and her Grandma whose 88 have both been diagnosed with cervical cancer too and now my wife wants me to perform cunnilingus on both of them in the hope it might save their lives."

"Oh!" said the doctor looking slightly horrified.

"The thing is, I don't think I can bring myself around to the idea, in fact, the idea repulses me and makes me gag if I think about it for too long. Also, her mother is quite proud of the fact she lets her body hair grow and I can only imagine that it looks like a badger with a stab wound," he said with a grief-stricken look on his face. "And as for her Grandma, well I get the feeling she is actually lying about it."

"What makes you say that?" asked the doctor.

"Well, she was celebrating and smiling when she was supposedly diagnosed with cervical cancer! No tears or any signs of any stress. This was only a few days after my wife's mother was diagnosed. Plus, she keeps licking her lips and winking at me every time the subject comes up. It wouldn't be so bad if it was her Grandad." said the man.

"Why is that?" replied the doctor.

"Cause he's dead and I'd rather suck on the cock of a ghost than chew her grandma's box. Opening her up grandma's legs will no doubt be like opening up a pair of rusty garden shears and I can only imagine that sticking my tongue on her will be like licking a 9v battery" replied the man.

The doctor wondered if she could help the man in his predicament. All of a sudden, she had a great idea....
"Cheney never, ever says in that interview that he was in the PEOC with Mineta before the Pentagon crash."
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