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Originally Posted by stundie View Post
All of a sudden, she had a great idea....
She said to the man, "Tell your wife's grandmother that you've been informed by a doctor that sunshine works just as well as cunnilingus, so what she should do is to go somewhere private that gets a lot of sunshine, and do some naked sunbathing, opening her legs and letting the sunshine in.

"Tell her that to be on the safe side, she should get monitored by a doctor to make sure the treatment's working. She needs to go to her surgery and ask to speak to the most handsome young doctor they've got. Tell her he can check to see if sunbathing's working, and if it isn't, she should insist that the doctor does cunnilingus on her. After all, she might like the idea of having it performed by a doctor even more appealing than the thought of you doing it.

"As for your wife's mother, tell your wife that the doctor said that there's not necessarily anything special about your own technique or saliva; hers might be just as good; so if she cares about her mother, she can try doing cunnilingus on her mother every day herself."

The man said, "I'm worried that the stress of doing that might bring her cancer back though. There can't be many people who wouldn't be disgusted by the thought of doing that to their own mothers."

The doctor said, "OK then. Is your wife's mother's husband still alive?"

The man said, ...
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