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Who are Racists?

I experienced a strong broad spectrum of racism in the USA during the year I lived there in a neuroscience fellowship.

We know that all living humans today are descended from a genetic Adam some 150,000 years (a guess) ago. We are a single species of bipedal ape that vocalizes ideas and writes them down. Race is a non-biological term.

It exists mostly where humans have group characteristics developed during the thousands of years living in more isolated locations on the supercontinent of Eurasia-Africa-Australia. Separated by waterways, mountains, or deserts they have developed shades of skin pigmentation, nasal orifices fitted to climate and even body proportions fitted to climate.

When members of these variant humans are in contact we develop views of them as different. Different can easily evolved into superiority and inferiority especially in competition. It exists in Europe when non-Europeans were imported or immigrated. It happened in India between Aryans and Dravidians, in Australia and the Americas between Europeans and natives. Slave trade was justified on the false belief that Blacks were inferior, and supported in Europe and America by Organised Christianity.

I find it interesting that the USA, a very religious country also has the greatest problem with racists and racist violence. In the USA the most religious region (South) is the most racist and religiously intolerant.

Question: Is racism a genuine belief in one's ethnic superiority? Or is racism a feeling of personal inferiority covered up by claiming others are inferior for "racial" reasons.

Religion is an irrational meme complex, a computer virus of the brain. It inhibits rational, analytical, and sceptical screening (Rubbish filter). The results are gullibility, superstition, paranoia, hate, and violence.
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