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Question: Is racism a genuine belief in one's ethnic superiority? Or is racism a feeling of personal inferiority covered up by claiming others are inferior for "racial" reasons.
I do not feel inferior at all by noticing someone is a racist. I know that hispanics have been treated inferior through out the United States, and Puerto Ricans are not treated fairly in many situations; especially if they haven't dominated the native tongue in the U.S. Anyway you look at it, learning a new language can be quite humbling.
We on this island sometimes try filling out some of those simple documents to participate and buy like other american consumers and cannot because sometimes they fail to place the Common Wealth of Puerto Rico on the drop down menu of some of those applications. Take my word for it. It does not make me feel inferior in any way. It's their loss not mine. I'll just do my shopping in our stores over here.

Thank you.
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