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I might not either. But this is what my soul suggests.

Religion fosters seperateness, which means isolation, pain, suffering, hate, greed, jealousy. This is why men of god molest children. It is because of their cult mentality limiting their unconditional self/love. How could a 'man of god' do such things. It is because of his perception of god, and thus himself, which in this case, encourages delusion or unconsciousness of reality/love/oneness. The fight between god and the devil is a colorful way of describing the opposing forces of selflessness/love/angel on your shoulder and selfishness/identity/devil on your shoulder.

What I am saying is to disarm their delusion, you must weaken their fear. That's how this religion perpetuates itself, provoking fear. Our best bet is to appeal to their higher/inner nature, for those who aren't far gone. Their children will abandon them, as so many in this generation have.

Did Monkey say in another thread, our children will be fighting them. Well we can keep them from ruining their own children by offering an environment of acceptance and love. Only those already doomed to selfishness via a broken heart, will continue with that mentality.

And I am not saying we should laydown and be steam rolled. The difference is how you percieve the threat. Do you hate this enemy, or love it? Hating it would corrupt you in the same way they are. Loving your seeming enemy simply means remaining pure while you defend yourself however you have to. You do not sink to their level mentaly.
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