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just with different influences
Generally the same, to me, equates to oneness, out of which you have compassion.

Power and religion are two intertwining influences. Another big influence on america's children these days is indifference, which results in ignorance, which then ripens someone to be prey for the above influences.

We have no one leading us who is consistent and trustful as the church claims. It's not that what the church sells is honest and straight, but that they do it so consistently and powerfully. The essence of the religion I agree with, LOVE. So many of us are suffocating inside, dying for just a little bit of love and guidance. Structure. So with minds lacking knowledge and wisdom, and no other source of love to welcome us, we allow our hearts to latch onto this cult mentality, which promises the ease of our suffering.

A force, not driven by money/ego/devil some would say, must take it upon itself, making a 'conscious' decision in this world to bring about balance/justice/peace. Right now we are lead in ignorance, with only our own hearts as a guide, which even then we are sometimes mislead via the mind.

No one will topple religion, which is fear based, and thus has an identity that will struggle to survive until it is eradicated, which cannot happen on this planet now. No one who is conscious in love would kill off the person who has fallen to illness/suffering. Conversion is the only way, which will easily be done to our children who's instincts are pure and prone to love. Anyone will convert if they are awakened, if not just from the far right to a more balanced fair non combative perspective. Children are intelligent. If we provide the right knowledge, they will come to the proper conclusion.

I feel bad right now for the kids learning creation over evolution.
Worlds of difference between everything and nothing.
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