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Folks who never take the moment at hand will never have a chance to see how much is going on around them. Take "Chi Telekniesis" for example this is awsome and self rewarding and creates life changing results when applied to ones self. atheist, xtians,Jews none of this matters, however a requirement is a clear mind. I find that the Siksikawa pre-battle ritual is simply a Chi manuver.I am sure Chi is older..but it is 12,000 miles away on another continent. But the same..and same results. I am really glad for this post! I was not in tune with the practice and felt what we do was exclusive without a foundation and ofcourse no written directions...Now that the key to the locked up next steps can be found in Chi...I will gladly persue the next steps as even though there was no formal name (white folks didn't give it one), I can adopt it as a form of Chi. Thanks


(side note): P.S.
Every time I learn something new , somebody somewhere already knows it. I don't feel small or stupid but amazed at how much we are missing when we don't share or think we have a handle on things..believe me money is nothing compared to recognizing the inner soul and where you are interms of what we are. 10% of our minds is all we use, somebody said that..
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