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God and other people came down from the sky in spacesuits. Of course they looked like they knew everything because they could travel around space and visit people on other planets. The communication between the Gods and the Earthlings wasn't comprehensible so the Earthlings made up miraculous stories about them and assumed they (the gods) knew everything when really I don't think they did know everything. They knew a lot but not much more than what we know today.

Even their space travel probably was from a planet not much further from the earth and something happened to that planet since then and we don't have a record of it because it vanished and the Earthlings then didn't have the technology to see anything out in space and see that the gods planet exploded or something. But would the aftermath still linger somehow today? I don't understand how space goes back in time. If we could pinpoint the time god came into existence on earth we could probably find gods origin in outer space.
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