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Originally Posted by aaabha View Post
The age-old question : if God knows everything, then terrible things would not happen. But they do, so God cannot know everything.

> So how can God know everything without knowing everything?

Well to God, ALL things are possible...

A parent often pretends not to know something so as to prompt a child to give the correct answer.

A person often deliberately avoids the outcome of an event so as to watch the event unfold.

> So God CAN know everything. Thats not the same as WANTING to know everything NOW.

Is there a nobel prize for philosophy?


Omniscient means ALL knowing, not selective knowing.
Yes, but such a definition results in a contradiction,
because we cannot know ALL,
and at the same time know what it feels like to be ignorant.

The very concept 'all' defies itself, because it would have to include something that is 'not all' too, in order to be truly 'ALL'.

The set of all sets would have to include the set of 'not all sets', which would mean that something is existing and not existing at the same time.

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