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I as mind would refine that to We as mind cannot know everything. ('Nobody's' perfect.....) However since we are not our mind anyway it is not an overwhelming problem. There is no limit to Consciousness. If I am aware (conscious) of a tree, I am not a tree. If I think the thought of a tree, I am not the thought of the tree either. The mind with its thoughts can be thought of as an object in the sense that just like trees and houses and birds and all else have certain properties. Consciousness moves through the mind of thoughts and we call that thinking. It is when we come to believe that the thoughts are 'us' that problems occur and language breaks down. 'We' as consciousness are not what we are conscioius of whether it is a tree or the thought in the mind of a tree. God is pure consciousness and we are a part of that consciousnessness much like The ocean is composed of H20 so is the raindrop. God is the ocean and we raindrops. We contain the same potential divineness as souls (and consciousness as associated with the universe). Same Divine Essence. Doing good brings out more consciousness and understanding and happiness. Doing bad the converse. So then we come into the world of the mind with its good and bad ideas and morality and a big fat mess. You could say God created the universe and man as mind decorated it. (Or more accurately - the universe came about due to its proximity with God as catalyst and man as ego-mind bestowed an artificial order on it.)

There is no such thing as good and bad. There is only cause and effect. Certain actions in the world enable more Light and others less Light. The 'good' in that sense is those actions that do increase Light/Consciousness. The 'bad' otherwise. Cause and effect. Karma. You do 'good' as per above and 'good' things happen to you. At death we are not judged by St. Peter. It is our own set of causes and effects (karma) that determines our fate as consciousness at death. In that sense one can see how God has nothing to do with it. Cause and effect like all other things in the universe.

I am quite suprised no one challenged my statement above that God does nothing whatsoever. I won't give it away but one can imagine what the universe might be like if God 'did' things and how it cannot be true that God does do things. A good analogy is like the theoretical mathematical point at the center of a wheel. All parts of the wheel 'move' ('do things') except the point at its exact center upon which all else moves. God is at the center of everything yet does nothing.
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