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View Poll Results: Did the Americans put a man on the moon?
Yes, America never lies. 3 75.00%
No! Fraud!!! 1 25.00%
I'm still unsure 0 0%
Voters: 4. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 11-30-2008, 01:49 AM
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Apollo Hoax

Well its obvious what my opinion here is, given the poll's title. Are you convinced that America put people on the moon?

visit these links before voting :

Your comments would be appreciated.
The Principles of Flight (in full)
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Old 11-30-2008, 03:42 AM
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"jumping on the moon, at double speed" = "mass calculus" = mass differentiation/ integration = uncertainty differentiation/integration = "a T-bar" = looks like "grab a T' i.e. "looks like gravity" so "un-earthly"; but since it is already on the moon; people looking at the video will feel something is astray (as how can it be "on the moon" if it already looks "unearthly" from the speed?)

(A "T-bar" is "a constant blocking of space" i.e. like a rectangular block (the "constant"); with two square blocks along-side it (making up a second rectangle), these two square blocks being "the blocking (dividing into blocks) of space. "Gravity" = "coming togther = space geometry (space general metry) and also gravity = background (or "grab a T" i.e. "always at right angles to where you are at" (so "time-like"!)(So "gravity + time" = "space-like" (or a higher dimensional space; so + extra space then gravity looks like "quantum relativity" (or a constant juxta-positioning of points in the "either" i.e. it looks like "true path" or space needle i.e. a constant direction in space )
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Old 11-30-2008, 03:48 AM
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How about an option "yes" but without having to sign up to "America never lies"?
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Old 11-30-2008, 04:06 AM
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the timing seems the same as on Earth- perhaps the astronaut adjusted:

(including adjusting to the weight of his space-suit)

to jump, you first need to set up the jump. The setting-up involves "making your body into a 'spring'. The astronaut's horizontal movements seem unusual- not like one would expect on the earth- a bit slow-motion...

he created a "gravitational resistor" (spring-loading preparation i.e. "artificial mass") with his body before launching off the moon's surface. This way he could more-or-less constantly differentiate and integrate his body's mass relative to the mass of the moon to create "an earth-like mass-gap"; which speeded up, looks like "a natural (or "rare") earth" (which I could call "Van de Waalium")(perfectly integrates the walls; or "the hall effect" (keeps coming and going - in groups: that is "SPACE FUDGE")

THE American's didn't lie, they didn't "fudge" this adventure; the fudge is from the science happening.... ???

The comparative analysis of Earth and lunar gravity exposes this "Van de Waalium" as a "referential transistor" (referential across resistance; so referential x 2 = a space 'conductor' or like a pattern of information called "hoax"(!?))
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Old 11-30-2008, 08:15 AM
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Is it possible, on the earth, to jump up and down, and take longer or shorter time, for the same height jumped to ?

What about if you shift to anothr gravity location, like the moon?

Does one tend to compensate for the changed gravity strength?
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Old 11-30-2008, 08:29 AM
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On the moon, your muscles would be "over powered" for the location...?

What if you compensated for this- would this 'slow you down'?

The astronaut pre-braced himself during his run-up before jumping? (Hence the slight forwards-to-backwards jerkiness as he ran up the final section of ground prior to doing the jump) .... ?
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Old 11-30-2008, 08:49 AM
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the only way to compensate would be to propel your mass (dash)*; but to propel your mass WHILE propelling your mass (jumping up on the moon) would be "to make yourself invisible"* (to be constantly in two places at once)(to "teleport"?)- but to have your body stay all in one piece you would need to stretch out*....

to do all that you would have to be "zero point" (nowhere yet everywhere all at once)("invincible"*)- or alternatively to be "colour co-ordinated" (able to turn your powers on and off as you wish )

...? ...? ...? ...? ...? ...? ...?

colour co-ordinated?
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Old 11-30-2008, 09:34 AM
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"muscle density bias" ia a relevant concept here ("room to stretch and grow"-mesh)(fibre light) ...
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Old 11-30-2008, 08:01 PM
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carry on, imagine

Please don't stop, imagine. Seems the string is all yours. Any other thoughts?
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Old 11-30-2008, 09:30 PM
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A) Regardless of how hard you jumped, the rate of acceleration would still be 1/6th.
Not 2/5ths like it is on the video.
When they faked the video, they used the calculation for dropping two objects from the same height, which yields an answer of 2/5ths difference between Earth and moon.
But as the application shows, the real rate of acceleration should be 1/6th, as these are jumping movements which reach different heights, not the same as dropping from the same height.

In addition :

B) There is no blast crater under the module. ??!

C) Armstrong's famous footprint is in dust that should have been blown quite some distance away by the blast of the rocket.

D) The youtube video should show you a number of other videos, one where the flag is flapping in an airless environment.

E) The Russians have always maintained that if one went beyond the Van Allen belt, it would be certain death. Which is why they never tried it. Nasa argues that the alluminium of the capsule protected them from the solar radiation, neglecting to rationalise how the astronauts on the moon were protected.

F) Armstrong recently on Larry King claimed he saw a UFO tracking the lunar module.

G) The quality of the lunar footage is shocking, for no reason. They could easily have taken video with them and obtained decent quality film. In color, if you don't mind.

H) If people can travel to the moon with 1969/1972 technology, then with 2008 technology it should be a weekly non-event. Compare 40 years of advancements with normal flight. Compare Supersonic flight of 1960s and the first man in space, to the biplanes of 1920 for example. Space tourism would be a trillion dollar enterprise if it were so easy with 1969 technology.

I) Up until the lunar landings, most of the Saturn rockets that America launched exploded.

J) The turn around time for the 'lunar landings' was merely 3 months. The shuttle turns around in 18 months, just to get into orbit.

K) If you do not believe me, go back to point (A) and do the math yourself, or write a computer program to simulate it like I have done.

L) 40% of astronauts involved in Apollo 'died in car crashes'

M) Someone has a photo of an American desert somewhere, that has the exact same landscape profile as that of the moon.

N) If you question my ability to do math, then download my latest PC game, and ask yourself : Can you program this :

O) I forget what 'O' is for. Maybe its : O-bummer.
The Principles of Flight (in full)
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Old 11-30-2008, 09:57 PM
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The Magic Potion Of The Gauls: differential braking and momentum transfer ...?

(PoisedonsNet- haven't read your comments yet- still to consider )
(I think you are onto something but it isn't a fake moon-landing, its something else is going on here in physics...)

I seem to have found a recipe for several comic-book-style super-powers. I did once figure out "the secret of the magic potion" of Asterix the Gaul...

.....In "Asterix the Gaul", the Druid, Getafix, goes into the forest to obtain ingredients (for his magic potion that gives the Gauls "super-human strength"). He finds a group of trees (I think called "a spinney", a cluster of 4 trees growing together). He climbs up one of the trees, and reaches out to a sprig of mistletoe, which he cuts with his sickle, and he returns to the vilage. He brews up what looks like vegetable soup, in a large cauldron, adding some other herbs and spices as I recall.

I'm just going off my sketchy recall of what I discovered, though I recall the basic physics accurately of the apparent "secret of the Gauls" (I was going to start a topic sometime on "The Magic Potion of the Gauls"!)

The spinney: a tree grows towards the light, towards the sun.
Four trees growing together creates a very interesting bit of science....

basically, they differentiate and integrate their position in space somewhat independent of earth's gravity (this is because each tree interferes partly with its next-door trees ability to 'reach the light') - instead of "reaching solely for the sky', they partly 'reach for the ground'- they are slightly 'weightless' or 'anchored in space separate to the earth' - they are 'hanging off each other'... (like an epithyte- a tree that grows on a tree...)

What then of the misteltoe, an epithyte hanging off one of the trees? Since it is ALREADY attached to an epithyte-type pattern, there is some uncertainty about the way it hangs- its anchoring is not as it would be for a tree that isn't part of a cluster of four trees....

the 4 trees diffract earth-sun gravity; they 'polarise the earth's position in space'.
the misteltoe partly reverses this within its own structure, it 'reconditions' earth-sun gravity; creating a natural 'jump-space'- like as if the earth jumps from one location to the next on its orbit around the sun...

something like that anyway- haven't got the details in front of me

partly guessing from memory or figuring it out a bit as I go....

this is real physics (except the orthodox scientists would ask if the effects could be large enough to manifest themselves noticeably I suppose...)

looking again at the patterns so far....

trees reach for the sun's location in the sky;
4 trees growing together create an interference effect that alters how they are 'anchored' to the earth; they are slightly 'sun polarised' re: solar location i.e. like a little bit of sun on the earth... (the line of the tree trunk is pointing towards the sun not just in the sky but on the other side of the world too- i.e. the trunks are not exactly vertical but are more independtly defined as an axel that points towards the sun independently of the earth)

(this is the key ingredient in the postulated/ speculated physics of the magic potion:
this 'earth-independence' allows the possibility perhaps of a person standing on the earth's surface to be 'position-integrated' over a section of earth's orbit-path in space:
the earth is a very big mass moving in space along an orbit path: if you can extract some of that energy then you have 'super-human strength'-

like if you were standing on a bus and it suddenly slams on the brakes, instead of lurching forwards and nearly toppling over on the bus, if you held your ground, you could divert this 'super-human strength' neatly into your muscles: so could throw a much heavier object than you usually could- its real physics that you can easily test yourself- just a transfer of momentum via "thems the breaks"-

in the case of the trees growing in a spinney, they provide a conduction path for this 'earth energy'....

(the astronaut in the speeded-up video visibly brakes his momentum prior to the jump, in a manner unusual... curiously...)

So one of the 4 trees in a spinney can be described as 'partially independently hovering in space as a pointer to the sun's location....';

the misteltoe is also 'hanging out' but given its anchor (the tree) is slightly 'off beam'; the misteltoe's 'sun-reaching' will slightly compensate (making it a kind of 'tree tomatoe' ...?)

so the misteltoe is slightly 'earth integrated'...

In the braking bus example, you had to 'hold your ground' ('earth integrate') to channel the momentum of the bus into your arms and so have 'super-human strength'.

So the real and actual slight earth-integration of the misteltoe is a real potential channel for 'earth integration'- just what you need to re-position your body to grip the earth not as a moving planet that seems stationary, but as a 'lurching planet' that seems to move along its orbit in small sudden starts...

however, to get 'continuous super-strength' from the misteltoe you would need 'the sky to 'fall' on your head' (which is the only thing the Gauls are afraid of in the book!) i.e. to stand upside down (so your body becomes perfectly integrated with the misteltoe)...

simply achieved by brewing up some vegetable soup and adding the misteltoe to it (so it warms your whole body (hiding the 'gravitational 'cooling' or gravito-electrification of your muscle tone)

The additional herbs and spices help with the flavour (and may act as a gravitational buffering agent- so you can control and direct your 'super-strength' as you require...

except Obelix who fell in the potion when he was a baby (he became 'souped up' on magic potion- it had a permanent effect on him perhaps because a baby grows so fast that he integrated the forumula into his body structure- by forming a body shaped like a planet he became 'his own earth' i.e. got some gravitational immunity (permanent earth-sun bias- like he is a 'space man' ?)

something like that..

the cool thing is: the bus experiment is real physics- it can work?
there is no reason in logic why earth-momentum from earth's orbit-path around the sun cannot be accesible via 'differential braking'

whether the method of obtaining this 'space energy' via the curious physics of trees that grow in a close group of 4, and mistletoe growing on one of the trees, and vegetable soup and a few herbs and spices could actually work-

well, perhaps the cordon bleu school in France could investigate!?

Last edited by imagine; 11-30-2008 at 10:02 PM. Reason: grammar and spelling
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Old 11-30-2008, 10:17 PM
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few things:

are the you-tube videos reliable; or faked or tampered with?

dust trajectory paths from dust blown by the lander are impossible to replicate on earth- they are trajectories only available in a very strong vacuum

one would need to do the calculation re: jumping to work out non-muscle-compensated times;
if NASA claimed the jump takes 6x longer than on Earth, and the you-tube video is genuinely only at 2x speed; as it replicates a normal earth-based jump, then "Houston, we've got a problem"...

my post explores a possible answer if there is a discrepancy between official science and the lunar footage

Most issues have been answered on the net before following a T.V. documentary that asked if the Apollo landings were faked....

E.g. take a photo in bright sun, and the exposure is too short to show stars

Idea: objects at differerent distances appear to move sideways (or to 'flap') relative to each other when the observer changes their position (an airless, rigid flag will be in a fixed bent shape that wil appear to flutter slightly when an observer moves their position)

Saturn rockets were a very expensive project, much bigger than the shuttle project?

Thick dust tends to stay put as there is no air to fuel the blast from the lander?

Most of the "evidence" the landings were faked may even prove they couldn't have been?

The astronauts' suits would have had aluminium in them?
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Old 11-30-2008, 10:23 PM
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i better put the Gaul potion as independent topic...
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Old 11-30-2008, 11:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Poll
Yes, America never lies.
The poll questions are loaded so I won't answer.
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Old 12-01-2008, 05:54 AM
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The same step may be performed directly to the right or left or back, depending on the degree of safety needed for the plan of action.
Do not presume to judge me or the methods I choose to employ. You cannot comprehend the magnitude of the tasks I have undertaken, or the consequences of my failure.

Some may question your right to destroy ten billion people. Those who understand realize that you have no right to let them live.
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