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Old 07-24-2010, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Storyteller View Post
Depends on what he meant by 'lime'. He may, for example, have been referring to the fact that 'limey Brits aint things of much worth', in which case, I should certainly think at least thrice before treating him to one of my infamous verbal shellings. Dont you agree?
He may well have been referring to the fact that Limeys aren't "things" at all.


And now, I have a special treat for the audience.

I have a few quotes from a dearly-departed member of Frostcloud. Someone fondly remembered. He was sadly missed when he was banned.

Yes, dear audience, I'm referring to someone who got a very similar disease as IAAG did, and like him, went rabid, and since there was no known medical cure at the time, had to be eliminated.

I am, of course, referring to the Great and Wondrous ... Foolosophy.

Thankfully, his quotes still live on. Here are a few, which some, not necessarily myself included, might consider quite appropriate for this thread:

The putrid foul stench that has wafted across this thread is absolutely amazing in its inate intensity and distribution - I can only summise that the carcasses have been rotting for some time now in an anaerobic water rich environment. How your collective nostral canals have survived is beyond me and perhaps a matter for the Mehanical researchers to determine.
I would like to talk to you but



98.34% CERTAIN
I agree.

BUT, Einstein's general and special relativity theories along with the numerous editions of Quantum Mechanics are ALL TRIVIAL by-products of a fanatical fundamentalist religion called science.

They will eventually be replaced by the absolute truth in approximately 8 raised to the power of 31 seconds.
Remember SCIENCE is a quasi-fundamentalist relgious persuit that is protected by a vast clergy of scientific priests and pastors who devote their personal energies and great talents and skills in a massive network of temples and churches (commonly known as laboratories or reserach institutes and universties)

BEWARE DOGMA IS ALL AROUND US - (including the above)

You must also beware of those who claim to be devoid of any dogma at all - they are the most faudulant of global thought preists.
You will find that scientists are either confused or offended when they are called priests working in religious temples.

Some how the work of scientists is considered separate from normal social structures and activities by the scientific community itself. Science is now the HOLY persuit of enlitenghment and knowledge in many societies with its vast networks of temples and places of worship and its ever growing bookself of holy scriptures.

It does have one glaring difference to other fundamentalist fanatical religions. It openly acknowleges that it doesnt really know - but still pretends to know like A GOOD RELIGION SHOULD

The public are normally in awe of these scientific priests and their places of worship.
You have intellectual Flu - it commonly effects petty trivia priests in the scientific religious establishment - I would highly recommend the Meme Viruarse vaccine as a first port of call - You should also check out the temple that you work in - get the whole temple and its religious icons fumigated as soon as possible.

I now understand why you reverted back to a childlike moron and started to hallucinate with primary school mathematics and axiomatic based useless trivia.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt - THIS TIME Mr Dumbell, but you cant hide behind a viral fever forever you know. Your conduct in here has been reported to the relevant world authorities that overseaethe reduction of human sourced greenhouse trivia.
You exhibit the first signs of nuero-insanity that has been fueled by decades of intense hatred and jealousy.

You float in a putrid, foul sewerage pond and yet the rotting verbal stench that is ejected from your mouth overcomes all the wafting surrounding aromas. ...

Sickness and disease is within thee - you must seek assistance
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