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Old 01-28-2007, 09:13 AM
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There aren’t ‘Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse’. There were Five - originally. They ride no nags of different colours. They spring out of no Biblical page or theosophy. They are real, human and lethal because they would not be noticed in a crowd. Their faces are accepted. They are white. Their pedigrees blue, blunt and bland. Between their five minds they have and are taking the whole planet to Armageddon.

George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Frank Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and last, but by not means least, Donald Rumsfeld.

You will notice there isn’t one fundamentalist Muslim amongst them. One of course was pushed off his horse recently, the last one on the above list, and so now, significantly there are four again. Two fundamentalist Christians and two Zionist Jews.

There could be no deadlier recipe concocted in the deepest caverns of hell than the one that drove the motivations of these five individuals. The results of their invective so far in Iraq affirm this every day in a huge seepage the colour of blood. Innocent blood.

Far from being the saviours of civilisation, as the media hype tones them to be, they may well be the architects of its demise and represent a disposition in humankind that derives from far further back than the roots of historical time as we sequence it from the very place it all began.

The roots of the Judeo Christian ethic to which they all belong, to see it in its spiritual parlance, begin with the very beginning of the Universe itself, or so it is assumed. Yet their antecedental materiality, their genetic criterions, as it is writ, are supposed to hail from a time a mere five thousand or so years ago.
What really started then. Did goodness die with a reptile and a tree, or did badness begin with it. Whatever happened we have been wondering about it ever since. And since we have been doing so much of that, forgive me for running a little more of it by you. Something you may not have thought about and might give you an interesting read if nothing else.

Many of you might well have wondered if the burning bush (I don’t mean George W) was set alight by a laser trumpet, or that the star of Bethlehem was in fact a UFO. This may well be new to anyone not regarded as one of those feathery, withery, heeby jeeby New Agers. But the sober and balanced minds among you might just give the idea a tweak and see how it runs.
Startling isn’t it? Straight out of Buck Rogers? Utterly fanciful. Really?

It is of course absurd to say that these five main players are doubling as human beings and are really of some genetically modulated alien admixture. Although many more might have already decided this in favour of the aliens. But UFOs are after all unreal, aren’t they. There is no real and tangible evidence that they exist. You know. Something in the hand that one can say is not of this world. Yes they would be a candidate to blame if there was the slightest smidgen of physical proof that they were here. Over 6000 affirmations through responsible, well postured pilot reports world-wide are anecdotal. Astronaut Gordon Cooper’s personal life long testament that he saw one land in front of him and took a film of the craft, that later mysteriously disappeared into the secret annals of the American air force, is still anecdotal evidence. Over 20 million personal stories worldwide of abduction of human beings by Grey entities that performed horrendous surgical procedures on them are all figments of human imagination. No solid material smoking guns. It is all delusion, or downright lies, claim the big boys of science.

But for argument’s sake, what if something totally out of this world is really here, and has been here for millennia. What if this something is slowly, inexorably, seeking to merge its own aegis into ours and unnoticed gradually make their interest and their agenda ours. We have to account for the sudden and explosive rise in brain size in our species. More importantly, the concatenate sudden and huge rise in pelvic size to allow this brain through. Genetic engineering. Now there’s something. If they got here past Einstein, all this would be a doddle. They must have gravity amplifiers. If they have those, Albert is history and Alpha Centauri is a twinkle away.
Mad! Impossible! Ah well. Perhaps so.

Just a cotton pickin’ minute. So were TVs – PCs - MP3s and a host of other modern marvels that we take for granted nowadays! 150 years ago they would have been regarded as straight out of cloud cuckoo land.

Those that have looked seriously into the mysterious UFO phenomenon with reserve and balance and a truly open mind are very soon overwhelmed by a mega tsunami of evidence from all directions all over the world, that something truly out of this world is going on. After nearly 30 years of trying to put a spanner in the gravity amplifiers, I myself have come to believe without a shadow of a doubt that the species homo sapiens sapiens is a farmed one, genetically manipulated into existence, from a primitive hominid form about two hundred thousand years ago and that the perpetrators of this incredible business are here now and are pulling all the strings of any consequence to our species.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) wrote, ‘All truth passes through three stages’:


Those who have done the required drill with regard to the UFO mystery know the pain of all these stages. They also know the triumph of their final conclusions if they have got there. They know most of all, the only thing that brings consolation for their suffering. They know what to do, where to be, and most of all, if they are lucky enough to have sorted the wood from the trees, where NOT to be, when the final conclusion to it all prevails. They know this because they will know where the nature of evil in humankind originates. Most of all they will know HOW.

But all this will be fanciful to most people. Yet the mere speculation that there might be some truth to it poses an interesting question. Could conquering aliens be any more cruel to human kind than human kind has been to its own?

Would they be ruthless enough to treat humanity and human life with as scant regard as the ‘Five Horseman’ and their pet British bull dog have done. And neatly and quite brilliantly take the heat off themselves by placing all the blame elsewhere. Could they be arrogant enough to operate on the axiom – that we have operated, as homo sapiens sapiens, in relation to all other less intelligent species on the planet, dominating and using these species for our purposes, ruthlessly and cruelly, whenever it suited us. Would their swansong read:


Would these entities really think like this? Would their implied superior intelligence in getting here further imply that they were socio/emotionally superior too? Sadly for us all, if the Second Law of Thermodynamics means anything at all, it will dictate no different behaviour than the above. In fact it will dictate exactly the cruel, ruthless behaviour that thousands of abductees report time and time again, when under the capture and the tender loving care of a little grey entity with four digits on each hand and the emotions one would expect from a robot.

It is the most natural way, in a Universe of diminishing returns, to think this way AS A SPECIES anywhere in the Universe. A Universe where Entropy holds sway. The law that makes sure everything atomic breaks down, rots into greater and greater states of randomness with time AND NEVER, BUT NEVER, GOES THE OTHER WAY. It will be the way that any superior entity will treat any subordinate one in the entire Universe, where force in atomic material physicality is the underlying paradigm. Here or anywhere. It is a song of ultimate and essential expediency. A way to maintain a physical existence for as long as possible, against a natural drift that seeks the disposal of this existence elsewhere.

It of course begs the question. Can existence carry on indefinitely in some way, some truth, some light outside the formularies of force, atoms and thus matter, energy and extent. Tens of thousands of cogent well documented Near Death Experiences (NDE’S) the world over might just point to a way out of this predicament for some of us.

The uncles and aunts of science are twitching nervously just now. Their precious dead world of the atom is under severe threat from a huge and growing army of converts from their own ranks that through theories and discoveries of quantum uncertainty, mechanics and gravity, their most hallowed grail of an accidental Universe is being shattered.

Back to our surmise. Aliens amongst us is enough out of this world speculation for the moment. What could they have to back them up - these things, these entities. After all they would have had to beat the speed of light trap and have got here from out there, with those vast distances between us and their home planet. This would imply a technology that was so far in advance of the technology we have at our disposal as to suggest they would look on us as we look on ants and lab rats, with our superior stance over these little creatures of subordinate intelligence. As I have said, we humans know how to treat subordinate species don’t we.

Come come. Don’t be ludicrous. Is all this leading to a construct and connection between our ‘Horsemen’ and something cold blooded perhaps made of transistors a mercury mulch and gold wires. Something cold ruthless grey and out of this world. Three ‘horsemen’ were and are sincere true blue red blooded men after all. They are defending a heritage after all. A grand heritage. An Anglo-Saxon heritage of conquest, killing, murder, enslavement, rape, colonial supplantation and the thievery of whole countries. OK, if not all of them are of Anglo-Saxon stock, at least two of them are of Semitic ancestry. Surely they are different. Their heritage belongs to one of history’s great victimised people after all. The Jews. But even they themselves kicked out 3 million Palestinians, their own Semitic brothers and sisters from their home land, and in the name of Zion continue to twiddle Uncle Sam’s knob so cleverly and subtly he does not even suspect that he is their prostitute, and has been since World War Two, keeping a whole people in a life sentence of misery that is now in its 50th anniversary year.

Was it after all the Arabs, Saddam Hussein, Al Qaeda, and all Muslims, who put six million innocent non Zionists of the planet’s most precious people to death, in an industrialised procedure so wicked, so cruel, as to beggar belief. Was it just and right that some of their land would be confiscated to establish the state of Zion Israel in contravention of the Biblical edict, before the Messiah actually arrived. Why should a totally innocent people pay the price for a guilty one in this world of justice the civilised Euro-American nations claim they seek. It will be fitting that German companies do some of the sewage work and plumbing when it comes to building the Temple on the site of the Dome of the Rock mosque in Jerusalem, free of charge.

The situation on all this is a bit confused. I admit I might have got that wrong somewhere. Who was it now who was supposed to have flown two drones into the twin towers and hanged Saddam Hussein for the crime.

Many reading this will not believe that 9/11 was staged by a deadly cartel of home grown scoundrels in the US to a conductor’s baton held in the hands of Zionist MOSSAD. The Israeli secret service. An exposé produced by some US university students on DVD, called ‘Loose Change’, I saw recently will astound anyone who sees it.

I have to say that much as I instantly foresaw that 9/11 was not perpetrated by any Muslim hand, I wrote as much, in an extensive article printed in national newspapers days after the event, I did not foresee the extent to which it was all stage managed by the true ‘hijackers’. A cohortship of Israeli and American so called patriots to bring about the downfall of the only loose cannon and credible present and dangerous threat to Israel; Saddam Hussein. Revenge was complete when his vertebrae were separated in the spirit of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, for the Scuds he sent over Israel once upon a time.

How then do the presumed existence of aliens on this planet, Rock and Roll, and Hollywood connect to this jungle of internecine mischief. Between little Grey extra terrestrial alien beings and their back engineered technology, Hollywood, Rock and Roll and its huge influence on the young immature mind, and the warmth and soft sentimental personalities of Simon Cowell and Richard Cheney, the world has got the broad sweep Euro-Caucasian ‘Care Bears’ character pixellating every second of the day from the box in the corner of the room. Unlikely though it seems, it is in the bizarre world of make-believe that the roots of the power to bring about a catastrophe of planetary proportions might lie.

Most people are gullible. They tend to believe what they see, more than what they are told, or what their common sense and intuition tells them. Many parents the world over see how the influence of pop music idols and film sets penetrate their growing children’s minds. Many parents around the world will bear testament to its awesome power. There are fewer and fewer consolations left in this hard stern world, that assures parents that reason and sense have a power to modulate and change behaviour. It is peer groups at school in primitive response and reaction that have that power these days. It all will make sure that millions of teeny boppers with access to satellite TV the world over will want to migrate to the US of A, because there lies the final glory of all glorious achievement nowadays: ‘American Idol’.

The world is being formatted. Of course history is replete with conquests and resultant formats, but it is happening now as never before, because technology makes each of us participants in the living formulae of the other, in an instant, as it could never be before. We will all be the conqueror’s quill and could behold the conqueror’s page and no more, if minds and hearts are seduced when they are too young to see and too immature to understand. Not least the fact that we are being invited to seek the company of stereotypes of human beings by default when such as the above is listed. To me it is more horrendous that we are extolled that this characteristic is in and another characteristic is out, this religion is in this religion is out, this colour of skin is in or out. This ethnic type in and another out. The list file is the central ethos of machine minds. A reference sheet that allows, or disallows, according to strict criteria. A whiter shade of pale, or should pale read GREY?
The American film industry is powerfully supported by the U.S. government with many fiscal incentives. This is done to covertly promote the American way of life. This obscenely racist country cleverly promotes racism by seemingly not promoting it. The intelligent observer would have noticed their token black system, their tacit colour bar line. You know the one that allows no black man to keep the company of a white blond, or kiss her, much less copulate with her on screen. - The ‘look this way, act this way, and you qualify for being a true American’ ethos. Blacks and Chicanos are synonymous with thievery, violence and doing drugs. How many films do you see portraying Zionist terrorism against Arabs. Or insulting Judaic religious senses. How many on the other hand do you see insulting other religious senses as part of a movie plot. Their power in the minds’ eyes of the less perceptive and discerning can only increase as they monopolise the airwaves with this wretchedness. It is one of the biggest secrets in the world. But clever little ferrets have hacked their way to discovering that 73% of the world’s print and light and sound media is covertly owned through front men, front companies, and all kinds of fiscal spaghetti, by the US Secret Services and their black budgets. There’s one for your eyebrows.

Come come. Don’t tell me you are surprised. You must have noticed how incredibly, impossibly almost, every broadcast TV and radio towed the party line on almost everything the ‘Actors for Armageddon’ had hitched up, as opposed to the ‘Axis of Evil’ cast of players when the WMD business was blasted into the airways. Not a single detraction of any note. They had got the message. You can do the most profligate evil anywhere, if you tell the world enough in advance that bad is good because it is done by your side. The technology to carry it through was in place. To do that of course you cannot allow any detractors of any significance to take on the prevailing wisdom of the most powerful players. For a lie to work you cannot interrupt it in any way. To do this you need to hog all the transmittable verbal nukes. The UFO phenomenon taught them that. The moon landings brought greater lessons in perfecting that lesson. The Kennedy assassination supported it. Game set and match. They were ready for the biggest play of all. 9/11, WMD’s, Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein and the final acquiring of the ‘Dome of the Rock’ mosque for the new Solomon’s Temple. The stage for Armageddon is set.

America became great on the big sell. To sell well you have to lie well. In fact they made money off the ideas of non American brains for decades and needed no in-house prerogative to do so. Uncle Sam’s beard was ever growing and festering in a tissue of pretence and lies. They have finally set the seal on hope. Hope in the new generations that might grow with honour, balance and integrity. How do we encourage our children to tell the truth, when the leaders of all our ways and means make a festival out of lying. The whole WMD saga was so pervasive, for so long, it reached into almost every home with a TV set on the planet. There before the eyes of children grandiose Presidents and Prime Ministers stood excrescent. Shameless in their guilt and lies. All the world’s innocence - a witness.

Plain truth stands no more. Only creative lies remain. A lethal disease now spreads across the world. One single icon (horseman) represents this disease more than any other. Dick Cheney the American Vice President. This horrendous piece of humanity holds values that Hitler, Himmler, Iago, and Vlad all rolled into one would be proud of. His boss cannot be taken seriously as belonging to any known part of the animal kingdom. Not even the primates. He is simply unique. A member of the ‘Ape in the Bush’ species. A wooden-top puppet dangling from a previously credible string – his father. So does he count? Of course he does. He does because while we watch the puppet we ignore puppet masters.

White Europe and America dominated by white male animal instincts, with a good swathe of primitive sub-human prejudices, much of them in the exact image of Cheneys, head the world’s biggest international Corporations. Where do they think the genes of all their histories come from? Where have these genes taken the record of all the evil their ancestors practised on the native non white races of the world? They take this evil into their own bodies through their own tribal cartels. Isn’t that what science asks us to believe? Genes maketh the man. Ah well. Science has done us the greatest favour in taking God out of the equation. We only now have ourselves to blame. We now have an existential future of utter meaningless-ness. A physical Universe that cosmologists now acknowledge will end in a wall of super cold enforced nothingness.

When the ancestors of the deadly de-melanised Caucasians killed, raped, maimed and stole whole countries in their colonizing zeal, where did the record of these practices go. Darwin has an answer for it after all. Evolution. The way, the truth and the RIGHT. It went into their genes. Sit amidst a football crowd in the great grounds of US of A, and anywhere in Europe, and see and hear for yourself the tokens of fellowship uttered towards their fellow man by the spectators. These people are supposed to represent the average stances of Western societies, or so socio-economists would have us believe. If this is what you see when they are being entertained imagine them when they are truly angry. Ah but this kindly invective only persists for a brief moment in an afternoon. It can never carry over to the point of a penis or rifle in Iraq or Afghanistan. No sir. They will make every bullet count. Where it should go. Into well defined combatants. No innocents or civilians will be touched. Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo are just phantoms of the anti Western mind set.

Only the most moribund mind could deny that it all has to still fester in the routes of descendant DNA and put on display now, in terms of modern evil invective and equivalents. The Euro-Caucasians are the self appointed guardians of our planet, extolling democracy and the civilised world as their aircraft, tanks, smart bombs and political setups wrench the life out of brown skinned infants all over the world. Smiling at all this as prompts for an eventual greater good with only the most scant conscience tweaking from time to time. It has to be. Their most poisonous idyll is not routed in belligerence or military power. It is the sanitised glory they call the International Business Corporations. These deadly edifices are slowly taking over the fiscal routes of the entire planet. Their fingers chasing a numbers game, while they poison an entire planet in an inertia to see noughts grow in number. This allows them to covertly effectively rule the world with their new brand of evil. A quiet less noticed evil, more potent and lethal than any nuclear device. A brand of evil that is a straight supplant of Grey alien values of a machine mind with artificial intelligence. If indeed these things are actually here, and are some kind of robot could they have bought real estate on the periphery of Roswell prior to 1947. That has to be the ultimate and most spectacular example of insider trading, don’t you think.

The German Nazis, who previously defined the most evil of the Euro-Caucasian ethnic form, overtly as no one else has done before, are somewhat comparable to the covert, subtle, but awesome power for evil that America has showered on the world from its lofty technological reaches these past fifty or so years. Some might say it surpasses Germany in its evil ways, because the Germans were forced into the overt practice of it, as part of their open warfare, whilst the US does its evil practices more covertly through secret cartels, hirelings, think tanks and covert military sections and so called security oriented computed enclaves in the bowels of the Pentagon, in Langley Virginia USA, and in seven hundred and fifteen others around the world. A list of American devilry mustered from the statistics of their own in-house scholars would fill several volumes of a book, and they do it all in the name of God, civilisation, and claiming to be the self appointed moral leader of the world. One of their most famous evangelists was seen on the American national media, and thus the world media, openly extolling the taking out of a South American politician, who dared to stand up to US hegemony in South America and several other countries, serving what they claim to be American interests and reaches. Reaches from which it committed the genocide of an entire group of native Indian people, the enslavement of millions of Africans in the past.

But wait just a darn cotton pickin’ minute. The US helped in the greatest measure in the Second World War to take out a creature that would have taken from us the single most talented people in our world; the Jews. We would be standing in a world of slaves and blond blue eyed free men, under the base German psychology of racism, eugenics, and a sense of humour to parody the screams of souls in torment in hell. And the United States did this against their own tendency to be the first nation in the world to practise eugenics as a publicly laid format for social action in some of her States. This same ethos also gave us Disney, Snow White and other beautifully crafted moral tales in movies such as ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, ‘By the Light of the Silvery Moon’, ‘Moonlight Bay’. All choc a block full of sentiment and good feeling, albeit celluloid feeling. It stood for freedom from the Serbian apes hell bent in Kosovo on putting Muslim populations into little more than reservations. Again against the drift of their own natures to do the same to their native ‘Red’ Indian population. Together with Britain and Australia, two other doyens of white racial intolerance, they have stood firm in trying to establish the decent principles of white Anglo Saxon and white Caucasian hegemony over all the other ethnic groups in the world. They have seen to it, and are seeing to it, that where they can they will prevent any skin colour with the slightest tan from controlling the means to cull the world’s population in anything but pale pink skinned values and magnitudes. After all we have to give them the credit for a policy of trying to hog all the nuclear weapons under pale skin control. They missed the boat a bit with Pakistan and India. Ah but have they – do you see what I mean. One and a half billion non whites to cull with a bit of imaginative discord, strewn strategically by agents, where the fires of communal violence are easy to exacerbate and who knows, one trading competitor of immense size might be taken out in the puff of a mushroom cloud. That is with nothing to say about the collateral damage that might ensue on a lighter sepia skinned competitor in neighbouring parts, with another two billion potential components that might well trade out the US of A, with a talent for making money that is second to none - China.

All this seems horrendous you might think. It is no more than an eventuality that every secret Think Tank in the USA and Europe considers every time they meet. It comes under the title: ‘Defence of the Realm’, or that most wretched of nominals: ‘the National Interest’. They practise nationally legitimised terror and condemn those other horrors who then feel justified in practising their terrorist acts with desultory deadliness in whatever interest they see fit.

The seeming contradiction of Anglo-Saxon hegemonistic motives in the past can be explained quite simply by the age old ploy of carrot and stick ‘We save as many as we destroy ethic’. It is simply the best way towards practising the gross evil they have practised on almost all the major native populations of the world through recorded history through slavery and colonialism. It confuses the enemy and allows the disclaimer providing the way ahead for more of the same practice. But a careful examination of it all will provide no contradiction of the basic racist ethic that infests almost all Euro-Caucasians today, never mind their Anglo Saxon heart and present director of traffic, the US of A. The allowing of an albeit belligerent, more primitive sort of their own home grown kind in Europe i.e. Serbs, Croats, Slavs and Ruskis all, to delay the coming together of a single market cartel that could fight huge gathering trading threats of the Indian ‘wogs’ and the ‘chinks’, ‘gooks’ and ‘nips’ further east in the future, had an irresistible imperative. They were doing no favours for anyone. The war in Kosovo had to be stopped as quickly and completely as possible, if an effective Euro-Caucasian centre base for ruling the planet was to be established.

And how then do you sell this all, while you covertly and unnoticed take-over the power lines for world domination.

You sell it through Hollywood. Make the media hype pervasive and powerful enough and you will get them buying, selling, and most of all believing in the American dream and all its Zionist postured cowpats, so much that no one will care about the terrible price paid by truth in death, blood and broken lives by millions with brown, sepia and olive tanned skins.

Be they Germans, Americans, or Jews, in common parlance. The most potent terror of it all is enshrined in the principle that the smallest cartel of human filth within each rank can take so much away from so many in terms of reputation when we all sleep and allow it to happen.

A gang of evil dredged from the underbelly of German historical reposts, hijacked the awesome glories of German merit, be it vested in Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Goethe, Schiller, Plank, Heisenberg, and made their inheritors a people cursed by all humanity.

Humanity’s single most significantly talented people, in a search for the peace of their own ways, and in total abrogation of their historical persecutors and their ways, slipped the leash of their worthy dream and in the name of a small cartel of Zionists hijacked another’s homeland, to blemish their magnificence with the same invectives their enemies used on them. Theirs was a behest poisoned by the sap of its own worthiness. The search for a homeland free of persecution. A tragedy understandable and understood where justice has any meaning. Yet the ‘Second Law’ is the son of Chaos and knows no God, and babies will cry amidst the storms of any ignorance wherever it rises.

And then America. More particularly the USA - the so called ‘land of the free’. A freedom now hedged in a gangland of racialist humbug and false motives as written the world over at the speed of light on all our TV screens daily. A land hijacked just now by a cartel of leftovers from the Old Testament. Gog and Magog made manifest in the 21st century. Where have your bouquets that once strove for the best and fullest decency of the human spiritual reach gone, America.

The hallows of your founding fathers’ song of grace sounds tepid and thin amidst the demons that drill your front parlour now. So many once looked your way in firm and fulsome eye as the champion of the world. Once upon a time. One is tempted to plead ‘turn again Whittington’ and what do we then come face to face with. The crooked and powerful furrows of FOX TV. Where all scoundrels dress to find patriots a home. A promise of more of the same to come.

And, then of course there is Blair - a name written in no less infamy and lies. A promise of support to help win an election way back in 1994, when he went to Washington, bought him the backing of a powerful newspaper owned by a CIA clone. He won the election and lost his dream. The price we paid for the present dread the world over. The salt, pepper and vinegar that loads every terrorist’s bomb. Every scoundrel’s gun.

Hear the screams of children in the dark wards of any hospital in Iraq. They are much the same as those in the torture chambers of Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay. Echoes of love ending.

All eyes on the Dome of the Rock. Where do they say Armageddon lies. It lies as the price we might all pay for the USA in ‘Cheneys’. It lies where a once wondrous people who gave us the definitive Prince of Peace, lost the sight of their true destiny. The profferment of their own enduring brotherhood on all the tribes of men. Lost in the American dream they are doing their best to turn to stone.

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Of course 9/11 was staged, how else could they turn an entire nation in opposition of what is good and right? By using weapons against us, scaring the average American into believing the lie. The Americans were in the Balkans at the time helping the Muslims fight against christians, too bad that bullet missed my husbands head.

I saw some interviews of the "9/11 heros" and how they are suffering and not being compensated as a result. The tower victims family's were already paid off (just like a normal martyr family) but I see the reasoning behind the hero's not being compensated. They chose to help, their suffering is a result of their choice, the 9/11 tower victims did not have a choice to be martyrs, therefore their family's will benefit and people opposed to their sacrafice get nothing. America treated the tower victims like any other "terrorist" organization would.
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A real hero get's no reward, recognition or compensation from man.

Twisted how the conservatives fight against a truly conservative group and the liberals fight for the conservative ideology. Are the American Christians really willing to give up everything for Christ or do they fight against Christ? The christians don't want to give up sin by justifying that they cannot emulate Christ because they don't have the will to be blameless, therefore they are not with Christ, not really a christian either.

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