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Old 01-19-2010, 03:07 PM
nightdreamer nightdreamer is offline
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Biologists cannot tell us what a species or phylum is

Biologists cannot tell us what a species or phylum is

Biologists talk a lot about species phylum
the origin of species speciation etc

they talk about evolution
they talk about this or that species proving natural selection
but the fact is

scientists cannot tell us what a species or phylum is


"However, the exact definition of the term "species" is still controversial, particularly in prokaryotes,[2] and this is called the species problem.[3"

"Although a phylum is often spoken of as if it were a hard and fast entity, no satisfactory definition of a phylum exists"
with out a definition of these terms then biologists are really talking nonsense for with out definitions to locate the things they talk about they are really not talking about anything at all If the biologist talks about say speciation or this species proving natural selection but cant tell you what a species is then he is talking meaningless nonsense

Many seem to think biologists know what species are
some argue that
species can interbreed with each other
yet this definition is shown to end in meaningless nonsense
take the Bactrian and dromardary camales
Studies suggest a significant DNA difference. Wild camels have three more genes than domestic camels and so they have concluded that they are a completely different species..
yet these two different species can interbreed and have fertile off spring

we are told a species is that which breeds yet we are told the dromardary and bactrian camels are different species yet they can breed fertile offspring so then they must be the same species-yet they are not the same species

all biologists would know about interspecies /breeding/hybridization
this fact shows they have no idea what species is

this demonstrates colin leslie deans point that biologiy is not a science as its classifatory system ie species ends in meaningless nonsense
Take colin leslie dean proving natural selection wrong

many arguments talk about this or that species proving natural selection- but without knowing what a species is then the argument is meaningless and not a refutation of dean at all

it would seem definitions of species and phylum are so fluid that biologists can make up what ever definition he needs for his purpose- and they call biology a science
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Old 01-19-2010, 09:56 PM
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But the cat himself knows
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The exact definition of species is if when two animals of the opposet sex mate, and their offspring is itself fertile, and not sterile, then those two animals are/were of the same species.

The issue regarding this is that there are no two perfect animals. If a tiger and a lion mated and their offspring was infertile, then they are not of the same species. But what if, out of 1000 offspring, one ends up fertile because of "luck" during the formation of the gametes?

Point being, all individual animals are their own "species". Or, more specifically, the genome (or potential genome) of each individual organism (or potential individual organism) is a unique "species".

I don't expect you to understand this. Kill yourself.
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Old 01-20-2010, 11:33 PM
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DNA can determine what is or is not a species.a phylum is a group of organisms that have certain genes in common. belief is not proof, you seem to be working from ignorance.. Don't comment on what you do not understand.
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