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Old 04-13-2008, 10:49 PM
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The compress spring Hypothesis

The compress spring
By Mohammed Ibrahim al zhaimy
Every speed either it individual or group have to move to appoint which become this speed in equanimity and became stereotypes
2 Every speed or body has special point in its way it called equanimity stereotypes
3 The speed or bodies that are not in equanimity or not in stereotypes is result of to free of the deeds of non stereotypes that affects the group either by increase power as a result of beginning or constructs in speed or inner for changing the rote for becoming back to the stereotypes equanimity
4 This phase which searched by bodies or group needing for status or route the speed or create anon stereotypes in sum up if its group . thus it cannot describe it"s behavior in this phase specifically
5 The equanimity us especial point for each group and it may be place or time
If the group move or generated as speed that create place and time this lead to equanimity status this distance (F or Z ) from point or time the beginning change
Which Called ( Born Point )
Born Point begging of creating time or bodies and its time for searching into stereotypes it begins with point zero (T ) .This point begin minor function of basic point field ( the huge system leader for group ) the point before birth shows what we called infinity
7 Time place power its successive variables in the process of the formation of the globe or changing definite field . so it is never place without time and vise – vesa
i;e when there are no place it become function time indefinite .so the infinity will be zero function
Place is indication ratio expand of power for relating with time ( Birth point ) so time function (birth ) must be minus function .
Bodies and groups begins with starting time ( the target value )
We spouse that E is a primary power and it is a power exposure from birth point (Primary exposure) in infinity ------field zero and Birth (T . E )
Spouse 2 ( ) is captured power in globe before birth exposure in infinity and never place .and its in potential power
Time has in this pattern is global and symbolic (T O) and it is apart of never time which proceeded the primary of globe birth r group field
The globe starts when the great exposure in the primary power in boards of infinity and non time begins of function power and expand changes during time and begins time function change after birth and begin for two connected function.
I.e. Globe time function (birth ) and power function
#When the power function expand and change global time it create a place and transmit the shapes of power function to many shapes and stereotypes create a new field from the non-stereotypes speed and this is the globe .
According to our first hypnosis this function is not stereotypes and non equanimity but search to perform it and that status expand in non time and expand generate in each point in vacuum function time when this function generate and begin to decrease creating place
This expand go far from each generated remain place and time this expand describe function of birth and far from place non stereotypes expand till it become un expand of power function away from place point which measure by time distance which called global fluty
Global velocity I mean velocity edge power generated from place point and its changing rate with decrease of non place function (vacuum) according to birth time for each creation of place.
Thus the expand of velocity aren't only according to all global points ,but it depend on birth time for each point .
Global expansion (place creative power) with ratio velocity for each point in non- place filled.
We consider all points in place filled in generate are stable in power function that it is expand, so it is impossible (theoretically) that the point expand in time. ratio change equal or more than the power expand . Ratio in non-place field. (Light speed)
Power function expand reach equanimity point. This in point the global time is (zero)
( Place board ) ,So the change ratio ( power function change ) with global time indefinite (non –stereotyped ) . This status need beginning of power function increase leading to stereotypes .but this is the way of (decreasing ).
power function for stereotypes.
The power function begin to decrease but, The non-functional, infinity increase and begin to disappear . The global time from place point and construct infinity and non place decrease for power function
This globe seem to be compress spring begin from quietness, when it "s power is potential. Thus it expand till edge (This the point that stopped from expand and return to compress and expand again .searching for stability or stereotypes equanimity and it's loses one of it’s power in every rote and, I called it lose ratio in globe power till it consumed.
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Old 04-13-2008, 11:20 PM
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At least they didn't call it "The compress spring Theory".
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Old 04-14-2008, 07:12 PM
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Old 04-14-2008, 10:52 PM
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much sound and fury signifying nothing. Where do these weird guys get these ideas?
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Old 04-15-2008, 08:25 AM
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their stomachs
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Old 04-15-2008, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by QUEST? View Post
much sound and fury signifying nothing. Where do these weird guys get these ideas?
Mostly from Aristotle in this case. This seems to me to be a classic case of taking a wrong idea (Aristotle's notion of 'first causes' in his metaphysics) and trying to apply it to the modern physical understanding of science. It doesn't work, for the simple reason that Aristotle was wrong at the time, so this merely compounds the original error. This seems to be a common feature in a lot of Islamic pseudo-science, which is perhaps understandable since the works of the ancient greeks passed through Islamic hands before being 'rediscovered' in the west. The west was, however, fortunate enough to have Kepler, Galileo and Newton who blew-aside the old assumptions of the 'ancients' (which had, until that time, formed the basis of philosophical thought). Many thinkers in Islam have never properly outgrown the early greek philosophical ideas about science and nature and seem stuck in a world of intentionality and first-causes.
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