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Critical times hard to deal with are upon us for very few put trust is the one true GOD.
Mankindís disobedience to divine law ends when all find they are responsible for acts.
Reasonable men are visually and verbally literate members of the earthly community.
Unreasonable men are ignorant, prejudiced, intolerant and inept resource managers.

The future is made is formed from the decisions that mankind makes every day it exists.
From cradle to grave or from cradle to cradle somewhere in between is a marriage.
The union of one person with another person in a relationship where there is trust.
Distrust only produces terror only produces an environment of fearful expectations.

The most dangerous weapon in the world is the kitchen knife and fork to eat with.
Food for the children shelter for the children like clothing protects from heat and cold.
The common prerequisites fought for and protected by the majority of nations on earth.
Yet every single war that has ever been fought has been over protection of trading rights.

What is needed is a visually and verbally literate community of sentient aware creatures.
Ones educated to know what is right for them and what is right for everybody they know.
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On Photography

Posted 07-10-2008 at 05:43 AM by TruthInArt
FROSTCLOUD members might wish to refer to this BLOG for reference if they would like to share with me the experience they have gained with this subject heading.

My personal experience is one gained from thirty years of making pictures with fourteen of them as a professional in Hobart Tasmania under the guise of Window Studio. If you have ever been to Hobart in that place I was well known in the eighties and nineties.

At present my time is spent studying aesthetics which I am led to believe is the study of sense perception. Every word is a picture of the reality surrounding all who know the word. Photography is a word for the act of picture making with a camera and film in the old sense now the medium is digital and so immediately available and infinitely transportable.

So any questions about photography in any thread will be answered here in future.?
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