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Critical times hard to deal with are upon us for very few put trust is the one true GOD.
Mankindís disobedience to divine law ends when all find they are responsible for acts.
Reasonable men are visually and verbally literate members of the earthly community.
Unreasonable men are ignorant, prejudiced, intolerant and inept resource managers.

The future is made is formed from the decisions that mankind makes every day it exists.
From cradle to grave or from cradle to cradle somewhere in between is a marriage.
The union of one person with another person in a relationship where there is trust.
Distrust only produces terror only produces an environment of fearful expectations.

The most dangerous weapon in the world is the kitchen knife and fork to eat with.
Food for the children shelter for the children like clothing protects from heat and cold.
The common prerequisites fought for and protected by the majority of nations on earth.
Yet every single war that has ever been fought has been over protection of trading rights.

What is needed is a visually and verbally literate community of sentient aware creatures.
Ones educated to know what is right for them and what is right for everybody they know.
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Posted 01-18-2008 at 11:08 PM by TruthInArt
It just a matter of time spent. To get it just right, just perfect means lots of trial verses error to reach a satisfactory conclusion. Single minded curser or cursor is very interesting. Six days a week to work and one for day of rest called the Sabbath. I think that the Sabbath is the day of GODS rest from his creative activates of the previous six days. I think after all of that effort he deserves a decent rest it must be hard work making a universe. If I were, the creator and I could animate a creature like man I would just sit there and watch them work it out for themselves. That would be the fun of it, which is why you would create the little critters, to mystify each other with their stories, which they drew from their experience, with the existence you gifted them with.

However man has to deal with doubts, doubts lead to distrust, and distrust leads into war. Honesty is the best policy. Face up to the facts we in the present day era own an imperfect form of knowledge if we are nationalistic. The internet is thankfully changing those boundaries and globalisation now allows members of earths community for the first time in history true freedom of speech freedom of opinion.

I believe that in the end we will all realise how stupid we were to not know and live by the principles of thought the principles of grammar and the principles of the BIBLE. The laws of causation allow for a lie to be told in that you can say it is true but then GOD, YHWH who sees all things know what you did do and he sees your cowardice for not owning up to the true facts. This is the problem we all have with our ride with our pride with our ego. To save face, to be found in a state of grace not in a state of disgrace by the Lord at his return, at the Second Coming by not being a betrayer. Invention of diversity of intension in the propagation of desire has brought about much misery and human suffering has disobedience to that divine purpose.

As near as I can work it out for myself it is like clean as you go put things back in the place form whence they came because that is an efficient use of time and energy and resources. Cradle to cradle production systems, not planned obsolescence and every thing ending up tossed onto the garbage tip. Edison made what 1000 or 10,000 light bulbs before he found one that worked. Was the light bulb Edisonís greatest invention? No the industrial laboratory was. Did he use it wisely? No, he kicked Tesla out because of his idea to make more money from DC current whereas Tesla thought that electricity deliverer by AC to be the way and so off to Westinghouse he goes with his cockamanie ideas like pulling electricity out of the air free. So Tesla ends up feeding the pigeons and distrusing humanity so much he would shake no mans hand.

Well we found radio instead and now we have the powerful universal tool for human education ever built and what are we delivered each night but the horror stories on the six thirty news like Paris Hilton going to Jail. Wow what a trivial pursuit. How inefficient can you get?

Perhaps they will learn to make a light bulb that will last a thousand years and draw no power it sure will save everybody a lot of hard work and effort save a lot of material resources. Look at Archimedes first helicopter it would never have flown but when you see the vortex energies produced by wingtips it looks similar.

Oh sorry that turned into a bit of a rave. Now didnít it? Sorry to have wasted your time you have better things to do like wash the dishes do the washing get yourself ready for the next working week so you can make the money you need to house the family to pay off the mortgage which is much like the rent. The trials and tribulations of modern life inherited since the industrial revelation. Yep 6 days and 6 ways to go up and down, forwards and backwards left and right verbally.
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