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I don't know why I caved and made a blog. We will see how it goes. I love the feel of a pencil grinding on paper so I am reluctant to type my words and abandon my notebook...I guess I could print them out and put them in the notebook. Whatever, welcome to my blog feel free to give me suggestions on what to write about or reflect on.
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I am not dead yet

Posted 10-15-2008 at 10:33 AM by Inkling
Updated 12-20-2008 at 12:38 AM by Inkling (OCD)
Apparently some people mistook my last post to be a suicide note of sorts. It was not meant to be. It was meant more to express the feelings I had that caused my recent and future lack of interaction with my peers. Please do not worry about it, as I meant no harm. I apologize for any worry I have caused and will try to be more literal in my future messages, if I decide to write any. I have just been going through a lot and it has overwhelmed me so instead of breaking down, I chose to express my intents on taking a social vacation. I have gotten a lot of emails and messages from people regarding my last post and almost all of them the people have been angry even thought I don't quite understand why. It seems as though this is a place of free expression yet all we choose to say is that which is not truly important. I instead expressed my raw feelings and was greeted with a dose of peoples distaste for my actions. I will try to be more considerate in the future. And no, I am not being sarcastic.

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Ben Burkhill's Avatar
I personally did not think it was a suicide event but to remove youself from a support network because you were not received in the way you wished was to condemn yourself to a dark and lonely place from which it is hard to pull away - risk the pain of interaction and try reading some of the posts here a bit more carefully - you may get a surprise.
Posted 10-16-2008 at 07:52 AM by Ben Burkhill Ben Burkhill is offline
Neftel Leli's Avatar

What dark place? Where?

Taking time out to be with yourself does NOT mean your going to automatically draw yourself into a "dark lonely place" and an internet forum where you pass messages is NOT necessarily a support group at all but just a place to exchange ideas and read about other people's opinions about the different issues we all face from day to day around us. It is totally detached literature we're reading and we don't know the people so it can cause some instability if you take to heart anything anyone says to you in here.
Part of being an adult if your single is to enjoy quality time with yourself. I find that the time I have to be with myself is precious time to get some things done, reflect on my life, present and future goals, check out my daily routine, spruce up some new ideas from my personal library corner, and listen to super-neat music.
I sit by the phone and wait for calls, make calls to family scattered around the U.S.,play with my pets, go jogging, read a book, get my hair done, do my nails, see a movie, plan for university schedule next semester etc.
Inkling is entitled to have her own ideas. I know that if we start to get offensive and start cursing to others people will get annoyed. But I didn't read Inklings offensive post. Anyway Ben Burkhill it's silly to WISH a curse like sending 'em to some dark place. But this post is probably to busy body enough. lol
Anyway, I mean well. It's hard to be polite too strangers. You can of course be suspicious and throw out a FLAME for a communicative test without realizing it till it is OUT THERE!

Thanks for reading.
Posted 10-18-2008 at 12:09 AM by Neftel Leli Neftel Leli is offline
Updated 10-18-2008 at 12:12 AM by Neftel Leli (Fixed a preposition)
Ben Burkhill's Avatar
Neftel - perhaps you should read the other blog entry before you comment on this one. It's called "fading away". Check it out.
Posted 10-18-2008 at 11:18 PM by Ben Burkhill Ben Burkhill is offline
Aylastar's Avatar
i love you inkling and i respect your writing for what it is, if others fail to understand please do not withdrawal, i will help you through this as i always have and will explain to others if you so wish of me. forever your faithful partner, aylastar
Posted 10-21-2008 at 11:41 PM by Aylastar Aylastar is offline
Inkling's Avatar
Wow I didn't expect this much of a response. Lemme just put my answer in blog form and consider it my return. It may not NEED be a support group but apparently it is. Thank you, Ben, for your reassurance. Thank all of you for taking the time to read and respond.
Posted 12-20-2008 at 12:26 AM by Inkling Inkling is offline
Updated 12-20-2008 at 12:48 AM by Inkling (Thought of something)
hi im new to the site just joined, but i really like what you wrote.
Posted 01-01-2009 at 05:59 PM by vicki666 vicki666 is offline
Ben Burkhill's Avatar
For others here. The support network to which I was referring was not Frost Cloud but Inkling's own personal social network of her peers and friends.

As to Inkling's thankyou note - it is my pleasure to do as much, you seem like a really nice person and I hope Christmas and the new year has brought you more joy, you obviously deserve this joy judging by your posts in your social club here. Have a great new year Inkling and remember you have friends here even if you do not really know who they are yet.
Posted 01-02-2009 at 12:24 AM by Ben Burkhill Ben Burkhill is offline
Posted 07-27-2010 at 04:03 AM by tiffanys tiffanys is offline
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