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A Brilliant Journalist & a Hubby that flies off on Seaplanes

Posted 05-30-2010 at 05:11 AM by Nef Raven
, 04:03 AM
Nef Raven
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This woman named Martha Gelhorn was a remarkably, talented, journalist but her light was hidden behind her husband's
stouty, stifling, hunting nature;however her aspirations some say were sabatoged by him which spoiled her career while trying to work as a war correspondent. The husband did not even want her on his ship (seaplane) when he traveled abroad which made their marriage seem quite awkward to say the least; but his friends and colleagues were able to go on those trips. They later assured the wife there never ever existed any sort of hanky panky going on.
She still pushed even if her marriage hung on a limb giving emphasis to her ability as a war correspondent. Females in this field were quite rare; so she must have opened doors for many other women with similar capabilities. Her husband just had to ultimately give in because she was in fact well-known and respected as one of the best anchors that ever existed.

The husband was great and an awesome writer who took Martha as his third wife. He was a great man for the public but as a husband not so great. His name was Ernest Hemingway.

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