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The Hanger Incident

Posted 06-06-2010 at 11:21 AM by Nef Raven
The Hanger Incident

This man goes to visit his family relative, the olny one nearby. His sister asks him if he'd like to stay for dinner. He said, "sure". He carried a suitcase with him and had not informed her earlier that he was coming over. During dinner she mentions the suitcase and wonders what he is planning. After asking this in the form of a question, he tells her that he would like to stay over because he really does not live nearby usually and had not been keeping in touch either but that he thought that since they grew up together perhaps she could remember how they were as children and how merciful, forgiving, carefree, and happy they were with eachother as children. If his sister were to think of this as a pleasureable arrangement for her long lost brother to stay then maybe he could.

The sister sighs inhaling a long breath of patience. I see you have bathed for the occasion. I think then maybe we can set you up in a spare room. So she shows him to the guest room and he opens his suitcase and takes out the clothes. The sister already notices that her brother is planning to stay for more than one day. She gets a set of hangers that are fashionably cushioned and bowed with peach satin and places them on top of the hamper. She said, "You should mind what I say because I have rules here if you intend to stay." He takes out his clothes and puts them laying down on the dresser instead of hanging the clothes draped on each hanger.

The sister returns and quietly looks at her elderly brother then resumes to correcting his activity by placing every stitch of clothing which was all that he had in the world back into the suitcase. She then tells him, "please follow me." She takes him down to the basement and spreads out a very thin chinese mat on the cellar floor and tells him, "Forget the hangers. Keep the clothes in the suitcase we have not discussed how many days you will be staying."
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