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Seriousness about Family Planning

Posted 03-14-2010 at 07:06 PM by Nef Raven
Updated 03-14-2010 at 07:21 PM by Nef Raven
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The smug bastard likes planning things that's why he explains to the mother-in-cosensual law that when he has sex he plans it no matter what. The TYPE of plan is the distorted problem but he has back up because the mother-in-cosensual pie law accepts "SEXOHOLIC" as a legitimate acceptable excuse!?@

The TYPE of plan was to give his ex-wife & newly wealthy hubby his friend an addition to the family because he coould never HELP HI SEXOHoliC WAYS> Hey that ain't from me!!!! (but I was just a bistander enjoying the 'A' for my internship thinking they were rehearsing roles for a crazy new horror flick.That's the seriousness he took in sexual encounters with any lady of the opposite sex!!!!!! I'd of thrown up a long time ago had I remembered it sooner.

The irony is he had congratulated me and told me to walk with him to the parking lot of that school and they were arguing. His ex-wife and new hubby were there. she was a substitute teacher in the same school. "Isaid I don't want any trouble. Why did you bring me out here?" I then decided to leave telling him " YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. i HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON HERE AND YOU HAVE TO MANY GIRLFRIENDS FIGHTING OVER YOUR BUTT. so leave me out of it!!!!"

Another day at the university entrance that woman said she was going to speak to my mother. I said, "well go ahead". "Do you know her? Whatare you a cop?" " Hey lady" I said, " I am an ROTC cadet and a G- unit. I am afraid you have me all wrong for some reason. Besides your married and should not be jealous of your ex-husband anymore." She was nothing of the nice and polite sort. She was a weird woman whose husband didn't care if she was friends with her ex-husband.

Old events from the 80s someone might want to read. With all the other entries I could entitle it, "The Undergraduate Many Moons Ago." By: S. L.A.
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I loved him but I only knew how he worked in class. I mistook admiration for him I suppose. I was just beginning to see the other side of him at a personal level. I did not even suspect corruption. That was a naive college kid just wondering why he was never happy with just one person.

I settled my thoughts by making sure to keep away and not get involved but he kept turning up around my social life too even after graduation. He even showed up at Ft. Ben Harrison, Indiana when I went to OBC (officer Basic)and that was a shocker. He said he was there to give a very special conference and that my own PMS the Coronel had recommended him. That might have been a lie. I'll never know.
Posted 03-14-2010 at 07:32 PM by Nef Raven Nef Raven is offline
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During that year I was given a pass. So I rented a car and with a friend I went to see my family in New York and enjoyed site seeing while we traveled. My republican cous. was having problems with her identity and the principal was doing the very same thing I had gone through in the past years which is a much more recent issue with a principal. It was wierd to see me in the same predicament she had had then in 86.She too had people pressuring her so she wouldn't finish her masters degree. Before she married at grannies building Woodshocky showed up there too claiming he was going to help my cous. I said, "How the hell do you know my cousin?" " what the hell are you doing here?" then I remembered this is the very same dude that dated my aunts when I was a kid!!! Yeah ahhum Oreo cookie and Lady Die. TY.

Over the years I put two and two together. This man knows the people in both sides of my family!
Posted 03-14-2010 at 07:39 PM by Nef Raven Nef Raven is offline
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In 2000 beginning the graduate program with the same person I had little and mostly "NO MEMORY" OF encounters with woodshocky. If I had had that memory I would have never even begun to work on my studies there in my old Alma Mater.

Mom said, "Not to go there; then again said ,'whatever it's your choice". "Why did she not care"? " She knew him more than I did" and she lies evading the topic ALWAYS like overlooking a stump that decayed and has no significance.

"So why did they have such a LONG CONVERSATION over the phone......and he spoke with me a few moments likea stranger going off to reapply into the graduate program among other graduate students and strangers innocently with nothing to fear.

It seemed acceptable enough with no danger to worry about.
Posted 03-14-2010 at 08:01 PM by Nef Raven Nef Raven is offline
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What I hate the most is the lies from my aunts and cousins and Mom.

Woodshocky knows how bad he was. He's more honest about it than they are. He made me recollect some things I suppose because he regrets some of his crap. I will never forget the red face he had now and then in class in front of my peers. That's for sure.

I hate confronting those I loved very much and to see their masks drop was terribly heartbreaking.Still I really find it impossible to ever really excuse them for anything ever including him.

He's just too freakin weird and always has been!!!!!

His obsessive parade gets catchy too and no one deserves it. (well almost everyone except for "PIE")
Posted 03-14-2010 at 08:05 PM by Nef Raven Nef Raven is offline
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