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It's how do he duty time, it's how he duty time etc.

Posted 09-17-2008 at 05:45 AM by Neftel Leli
Neftel Leli
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An emotional banana seems so simpy adore someone's post about the privileged planet explaining the Earth-moon-sun/solar system. it made me think about my own studies where I too can tally data as well. Of course I would rather do that than spend an entire week analyzing why the gas prices are so high by asking random silly poll questions repetitively without any research.

I would wait. It would be preferrable indeed. In my reports I never include information concerning how this universe evolved by the way. I suppose I could behave like a "cosmological constant" and just answer irrational pole questions too from the top of my head but naturally that would be impulsive and do to have a few discrepancies that would need polishing here or there. We all know that impulsive behavior is unreliable input to say the least.

Dark energy from the human mind is expressed by using our emotions which for most of us work simultaneously with little or no obstruction or pressure whatsoever.The messages to the brain can be felt by the rest of the human body as fast if not faster than the speed of light. Perhaps the black holes we create for others simply never exist if you have the right MIND-set. Should we throw knives like David Copperfield? No, that would not convey appropriate ediquette procedures.

We know athiests will never cease to exist; therefore I understand entirely that we can still share OUR universe together.

If Tilting thyself 26 degrees into the nearest desert provides adequate pleasure for reu please do so.

Earthly crust can be radioactively liquidated. If it does not happen there's always the rotation from any axis straight up your favorite snail compartment area .

< Mr. Emotional addressed whom?
Neftel Leli
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What? lol
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