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Barbra Forgets the Fortune Wheel

Posted 05-29-2010 at 02:13 PM by Nef Raven
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Nef Raven
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Barbra forgets her Fortune Wheel.


Barbra lives sitting ona wheel. She hugs and kisses her friends but doesn't trust them so she reads the tarot cards for them. Signing autographs for being well-known as the town medium. So, she starts reading the cards and foretells an imminent love affair surfacing where a sleezy wife will become incresdibly jealous. She takes another customer and reads the cards and indicates that he is going to find a small fortune once he gets to know the town prostitute that will only reveal herself after he has fallen in love. She then takes another customer and twenty bucks. "You are going to go into a van and your going to party with to many people inside that small van with the music to loud. Your brother should not go on the van and should not participate with your friends on that van".

The young lady was falling apart because she was not very close to her brother and they were planning to reunite the family where a brother from afar was actually going to be met for the first time because she doesn't remember him as an infant. "Please tell me what will happen if he goes"?

Barbra and her wheel turns to the cards and shuffles them and reshuffles them knowing that she has the destiny of her customer on the cards. She worries because Barbra does NOT want to cry while the answer is revealed.

Barbra puts the answer card face down on the table. She said, " You like this?". "Yeah, said the customer," I do like it". " Okay", said Barbra," "Pick the card up yourself. I showed you key cards already" " She said, " Yeah, I know".

The customer picks up the card, " I have it and it's bad. It's very bad."

Barbra said, "Don't show me". " Just do what I told you".

The customer leaves.........................Goes home.

Brother was in the newspapers for everyone to see that he had been dancing and smokong pot in a van with very loud music and to many people packed inside a van. He fell out and died.

Customer comes back. Barbra looks and said, " The card was death wasn't it?"

They hugged. Barbra said, " I am so sorry".
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