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Posted 08-30-2008 at 03:46 PM by Andy
People should wake up and see how symbolic political acts and identities are, particularly in the US -where image, more than any other facet, finally seems to sway psychology both within politics and throughout national life in general. Why have things grown so empty? Perhaps it is because we are more aware of the lack of substance behind things. The pace of change -technological, social, international -picked up to such a degree that by the end of the Twentieth Century 'facts' and 'reality' became words -even for the simplist minds - that need to be looked twice at. A man or woman can no longer hope to run for office in a democratic nation without throwing money around to influence minds, often in petty ways, through the media. They must remain mostly empty entities, to be written upon by the masses at large. They may make large symbolic gestures but they must ultimately lack wording -see the recent Democratic nominee acceptance speech -except the broadest and largest and most ambiguous words such as 'CHANGE'. The Republicans know- most of all - you can play to human beings most base and trivial fears quite easily and still get away with it; they, after all, are a party about fear: of change, of the future, of each other, of what lies 'beyond' and even within the individual - thoughts and feelings that cannot be represented, easily, complex emotional and intellectual realities. Then the Democrats are held back because they fail to see that a massive proportion of the American Electorate cannot -at this stage- see the world and themselves in a complex way.

So here comes Obama. He represents complexity both in his descent and in political implication. He says 'we are not simply products of the original European white settlers with their cultural prejudices but a mix of race and identity forged on a new frontier.' This is not something that can be easily said to a large number of people who on many levels are decent and right-minded but within a certain corner of their minds are bigoted and backward looking. It is only a small place but a potent and real factor as far as the electorate is concerned. There will need to be a minor revolution if he is to get in and I assure you, the world will never be quite the same afterwards. Once the symbolic move has been the made those minds faltering on the edge of fuller consciousness will break through - though of course there are those who are just too far from the edge and will still stay put. Can I propose attitudes outside the US will also shift? Yes, I feel anti-US feeling is partly anti-white European and not entirely without some justification. For those who feel they can never trust the dwindling superpower, a shift in attitude may come.

Obama is black. If he is mixed race himself his wife and kids sure look black. When I see them together I feel relief for America, for Black people and people of colour and pray that complexity can win and one-dimensionality -which surely has had its day for now because of the Bush administration's arrogance and stupidity- loses. He seems a smart, clear thinking individual; as American as McCaine even though he didn't sit rotting in a prisoner of war camp for a few years (is this really meant to suggest the man has a balanced and focused psychology in the end....?) , and certainly more of Twenty-First Century man. I found out today McCaine was 'stumped' as to whether condoms help prevent the spread of HIV. Think about it. We have here the kind of intellectual faltering that we saw in Bush; then you have the age factor. Seventy two years is going to bring more by way of mental weakness than it does good old fashioned wisom I fear.
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Kzirb's Avatar
We're 100% on the same page here. Good read.
Posted 09-10-2008 at 05:03 AM by Kzirb Kzirb is offline
Andy's Avatar
Go on then, give me a star rating, pleeeeeeease.....
Posted 09-10-2008 at 10:29 PM by Andy Andy is offline
Dragon's Avatar
All I see in Obama is a fake, a image, or a ideal. That is all the Democrats can come up with? If that is how our nation wants to elect their leaders, we are doomed.
Posted 09-15-2008 at 06:31 AM by Dragon Dragon is offline
Kzirb's Avatar
Perhaps you need glasses Dragon. The democrats do come up with ideas, and who's to say they wont follow through with them?

Also, politics is always concerned with image. Every party creates an image for itself that they think will succeed in grabbing votes. Just look at Palin, she is a prime example of image.

Here's a question: Would political image even need exist if politically ignorant people didn't exist?
Posted 09-15-2008 at 07:56 AM by Kzirb Kzirb is offline
Dragon's Avatar
But they do not come up with any new ideas, though. Just look at most of Obama's "new ideas"...take a close look, its no different then what Clinton did or wanted to do.
Oh love the comment on needing glasses, could of left that out by the way.

To answer your question. Yes image issue would go away if we have people actually using common sense when it comes to policies in this nation. But since we will have political morons trying to run in the federal office and other lower positions, I find that hard to believe that happening though any time soon.
Posted 09-15-2008 at 08:24 PM by Dragon Dragon is offline
Kzirb's Avatar
All I meant by the "glasses" is that perhaps your perception needs correcting.

Anyways, it's not about new ideas, it's about good ideas.
Posted 09-17-2008 at 02:46 AM by Kzirb Kzirb is offline
Andy's Avatar
Bonfire Night, Sky Brighter.

The radio said it was Bonfire night,
The radio said unexpected things,
A black man in White House,
More than bangs and lights in the sky.

In the daylight,
Ideology had gone up in flames,
The sky is open as it always had been,
We are starting to look beyond names.

Beyond slogans and easily tagged,
The real, meandering reality that calls,
That forgets, that betrays, that brings home,
We can dislodge the walls.

(Bonfire Night -tonight- is a ceremony marked by large fires and fireworks and gatherings of people to comemorate the foiling of a plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament by a group of 'terrorists' who were pro monarchy many years ago in England if any of you didn't know.....)

Posted 11-05-2008 at 08:11 PM by Andy Andy is offline
What crap. Sucked in by meaningless BS of undefined "change" (and not even able to spell McCain), andy the clown offers his own ignorant brand of racism.
Posted 01-08-2009 at 02:54 AM by Jorge1907 Jorge1907 is offline
Andy's Avatar
Well, nearly a year later and Obama is facing the inevitable backlash for not solving all the problems of the US and the world immediately. To what extent did my predictions come true? Well, I think one is drawn to remember the limits of presidency and how much it is an exercise that surrounds the man, an enterprise consisting of a large number of people with similar ways of looking at things working against an -almost- as strong tide that is very apposed to that way of looking at things. With the debate over the future of health insurance we see how divided America is when it comes to what core values might actually be. The stiff far right 'Christians' are possibly those most opposed to a fairer health system and yet more socially conscious policy surely is in line with the essential tenants of the Christian religion. More profound analysis and policy directed toward the economy seems to be absent on all sides, both in the US and everywhere else. We cross out fingers and sit on our hands and hope everything will be okay and let the rich and powerful go about their business with -perhaps- a slightly more watchful eye on them while one feels they just run rings around the elected power structures at the end of the day the media - particularly in the US - seems so easily used as a one sided opinion machine, those who want an unbalanced picture just switch on to the Fox Channel (I enjoy the Daily Show by the way..)
Posted 08-16-2009 at 02:44 PM by Andy Andy is offline
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