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Critical times hard to deal with are upon us for very few put trust is the one true GOD.
Mankind’s disobedience to divine law ends when all find they are responsible for acts.
Reasonable men are visually and verbally literate members of the earthly community.
Unreasonable men are ignorant, prejudiced, intolerant and inept resource managers.

The future is made is formed from the decisions that mankind makes every day it exists.
From cradle to grave or from cradle to cradle somewhere in between is a marriage.
The union of one person with another person in a relationship where there is trust.
Distrust only produces terror only produces an environment of fearful expectations.

The most dangerous weapon in the world is the kitchen knife and fork to eat with.
Food for the children shelter for the children like clothing protects from heat and cold.
The common prerequisites fought for and protected by the majority of nations on earth.
Yet every single war that has ever been fought has been over protection of trading rights.

What is needed is a visually and verbally literate community of sentient aware creatures.
Ones educated to know what is right for them and what is right for everybody they know.
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The last half an hour

Posted 01-18-2008 at 07:40 AM by TruthInArt
The map is not the territory - genuine it informs.
The map the territory is not – its just deformation.
The territory the map is not – just is information.
The territory is not the map - genius to deforms.

Terror of the unknown peoples ways and customs,
Terror of ways that have remained unfamiliar,
Terror of seaman telescopic likes peeping toms,
Terror of silence over naked familiar,

Trusting that the jars contents are clearly labeled,
Trusting that position on stormy seas is known,
Trusting that compass headings safely harbored,
Trusting that maker was true that no lie was sown.

Territory is boundary of sympathies.
Trustworthy is directory of companies?

Doubt is an evil that we have been forced to live with since mankind was first seduced by some stranger into believing that another stranger was not true but a liar and a slanderer. Your trust for others and the respect you hold dear and near for your friends means that if held to and beholden to them that a relationship can hold separate parties with separate experiences together.

I risk boring you all with mere trinket like trivialities delivered by some strangest of santa clauses only this one comes from the land of the southern cross. Terra Australus the land of the Terra Nullias the nowhere land of only twenty million people pitching for a little bit of fair play on the playing field of world trading practices who have yet to learn to play the game fairly and not cheat as well.

Pride and the fall of it into the pit of despair, of being found out, of being exposed like a naked man to public scrutiny, of having to take the blame for some error of duty that one did not even know that you were responsible for. The role of an educated man is in knowing that he does not know much at all about that greater and that lesser list of unknown unknowns. It takes guts and determination to map an unknown territory to understand and comprehend to remember things that are so unfamiliar that the customs fill you with a sense of abhorrence. They are ways of life they are the beliefs they are the cultures of the nations of the world the ways of trading partners competing for resources competing for territory competing for customers to on sell the manufactured goods too. Who then is responsible for the disposal of the waste produced and where do you store that by-product of production? We should all be asking that question ourselves as consumers of the products of the industrial revolution. The map tells you where the local garbage dump is. So now you can make your way to it but only if you are literate enough to read the map. Perhaps your rich enough and smart enough to program a GPS navigator kind of super sally to tell you which path you should take to redirect you after you missed a turn that she has been reminding you of for the last half an hour.
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