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Conversation Between Ben Burkhill and madesta
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  1. madesta
    07-19-2020 07:16 PM
    I don't know if you're ever going to read this Ben but... I'm back!!! Let's get it started in here~ 2020 vision!! 10 years later!!
  2. Ben Burkhill
    07-23-2009 08:09 AM
    Ben Burkhill
    OMG - you are alive, I told them you were.
  3. Ben Burkhill
    02-15-2009 12:51 PM
    Ben Burkhill
    Happy birthday dude, hope you have a great one, keep up the good work (like removing this spammer

    Have a great day.
  4. madesta
    01-20-2009 06:02 PM
    My spam is justified because I'm Filipino. Filipinos eat spam like Asians eat rice.
  5. Ben Burkhill
    01-20-2009 04:11 AM
    Ben Burkhill
    LMFAO - I can only do what I can do you super-mod you, how many times can you spam super-mod into your posts before you get a warning?
  6. madesta
    01-20-2009 01:51 AM
    You suck, Ben. Trying to replace me as Moderator. How DARE thee!?? Nah, I'm just kidding. You're alright. Yeah, you were gone on a trip for a year, the cloud got foggy, Kyman disappears, Yawn...god and MPDC get canned, and here we are, on this cold, desolate, Frostcloud.... Time to build it up again, get back on our feet. Start it up... START IT UP BEN!!! AAAHHHHHHRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!! Gurgle gurgle drool.
  7. Ben Burkhill
    01-20-2009 01:38 AM
    Ben Burkhill
    Glad to see you here - I miss our fun and edgy debates, we are so similar in our methodologies that it makes us clash but hell it's fun.
  8. madesta
    10-14-2008 10:21 PM
    There he is, I see you got your eyes back. Yeah, study is annoying. It's more annoying than it is difficult. I just wish I had more time to slack off with. Heh, nah, I just don't manage my time.
  9. Ben Burkhill
    10-11-2008 06:51 AM
    Ben Burkhill
    Mads, hope your studies are going well - miss you here.

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