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  1. TruthInArt
    03-22-2009 05:33 AM
    Name calling whether it be in praise of or in accusation of an individual is bound to erupt like an undersea volcano of activities. The cult of personality is to say the least the culture that we deal with. The argumentum ad hominem (Latin: "argument to the man" and not to the subject under discussion ought be addressed and posted in this instance in relation to verbalisations like idiot, drongo, !@#$%^& and if you see Kay tell her I want her like words.

    Whistle blower what is that?

    To the opposing party they are the enemy since they act in opposition and seek to oppress the opinion of the whistle blower since they stand to lose kudos and credibility once the error of judgement is exposed.
    From the view point of the whistleblower they are the ones out on the limb and in doing so ought watch that they are not cutting off the branch that supports them.
    How then to resolves instances of conflict between competing factions without resorting to terms of abuse then is the question.
  2. TruthInArt
    03-22-2009 05:16 AM
    Put things back where you found them!
    Easy to say diff e cult like a differential.
    Without oil in the case but full of phelm.
    On a journey through a wild existential.
  3. zebadee
    12-06-2008 08:41 PM
    Your a fucking prick and you DARE to state that I am your best friend. Fuck you and don't ever come near me again or I will Really go to town on your headspace. Go find some more datura you nasty man and eat the whole fucking bush this time and do a proper job of being drug fucked. I offer an olive branch to you, after you have been THE MOST inconsiderate guest I have EVER had. You make me Two words describes your behaviour- uncooth, illmannered and I am gunna add one HYPOCRIT. I might write a letter to the elders at the Kingdom Hall. Ha and YOU claim to be doing God's work. Your a crock of it m8, hiding behind your little poems preaching the JW party line....FUCK I'm angry. And don't turn up at my door unannounced again. I DISFELLOWSHIP YOU.
  4. zebadee
    12-02-2008 05:11 AM
    Peace. All good. Unless I must be shunned by my best friend for ideological/dogmatic reasons

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    Then has gone, when is yet to come now is here. Enjoy
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    Love knowledge of the truth to trust for all eternity that is the BIBLE.
    Power to be learning the ways of reason and not the ways of violence.
    Wisdom to be acheiving the objective of the predicate of all sentences.
    Justice to the poverty stricken nescience the poor children's innocence


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FROSTCLOUD members might wish to refer to this BLOG for reference if they would like to share with me the experience they have gained with this subject heading.

My personal experience is one gained from thirty years of making pictures with fourteen of them as a professional in Hobart Tasmania under the guise of Window Studio. If you have ever been to Hobart in that place I was well known in the eighties and nineties.

At present my time is spent studying aesthetics which...

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It just a matter of time spent. To get it just right, just perfect means lots of trial verses error to reach a satisfactory conclusion. Single minded curser or cursor is very interesting. Six days a week to work and one for day of rest called the Sabbath. I think that the Sabbath is the day of GODS rest from his creative activates of the previous six days. I think after all of that effort he deserves a decent rest it must be hard work making a universe. If I were, the creator and I could animate...

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The map is not the territory - genuine it informs.
The map the territory is not its just deformation.
The territory the map is not just is information.
The territory is not the map - genius to deforms.

Terror of the unknown peoples ways and customs,
Terror of ways that have remained unfamiliar,
Terror of seaman telescopic likes peeping toms,
Terror of silence over naked familiar,

Trusting that the jars contents are clearly

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