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Only God is beautiful and anything related to God is beautiful. Thus among the human beings, the most beautiful is His devotee. Devotion is the beauty since it is related to God. Valmiki said that Hanuman is most beautiful. He named the part of Ramayana relating to Hanuman as Sundarakanda. Hanuman is a monkey. Normally a monkey stands for the climax of ugliness. We mock a person with ugly face calling him as a monkey. Therefore the beauty is not related to the external gross body. The beauty is also not related to the internal subtle body which is made of qualities. The king Bali was famous for his generosity, which is a good quality. He never broke his word given and this is also a very good quality. But Bali was pushed down to the lowermost world by the Lord. Therefore the good qualities like truth; generosity etc. also have no value when they are not associated with devotion. Anything which is not related to God is ugly. Anything which is related to God is only beautiful. Thus mere social service which exposes the good qualities is of no use without God. It is said in Gita that even a person with bad qualities is great and good if he is a devotee (Apichetsa duracharah). The hunter of animals, supposed to be the highest sinner, was blessed by Lord Shiva for his devotion and he reached the eternal abode of Lord Shiva.

Dharmaraja was the embodiment of all good qualities. The Lord asked him to tell a lie in the war. But he refused to tell the lie. He gave importance to the good qualities than the Lord. At the end Dharmaraja went to heaven only. He enjoyed the fruits of his good deeds for sometime. He did not go to the abode of God. Mahabharata says that he went up to heaven only (Swargarohana parvam). The angel cupid (Manmatha) was having very handsome external gross body but he went against God and all his gross body was turned to formless ash. Hanuman, having ugly face is praised as the most beautiful person in the creation by the sage Valmiki because He was dedicating all His life to the service of God. His God was a human being who did not exhibit any miracle. The required service for Rama was purely personal family work. Hanuman is having several supernatural powers. In these circumstances, even recognizing Rama as God is impossible. But Hanuman recognized with infinite faith and served practically. Therefore Hanuman is the most beautiful person. Lord Shiva is a very powerful energetic form with the third eye. Still the cupid could not recognize Lord Shiva and tried to disturb Him with egoism. The result is that the cupid is not having even a basic form. This concept of beauty should be understood by the present youth. A boy loves a girl or vice-versa based on the form of the external gross body. That love is disappearing when the girl or boy becomes old or deformed by some disease or accident in the life. Some youngsters are giving importance to the good qualities under the name of internal beauty.
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