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Thankyou Antone! Your post demonstrates at least there are a few people out there not on drugs. The distinction you are making between the notion of an abstract idea of "nothingness" and physical reality basically cannot be comprehended by someone not familar with mathematical concepts. Inability to distinguish "mathematical truth" or concepts or what I call abstract ideas from physical things perceived by the senses - what the world calls "scientific truth" is a major hurtle for beginners in attempting to distinguish what is real and not and in what sense of the word 'real' is. TIA recently came to realize if only vaguely this distinction also. Historically it has been the bain of mathematicians in the west fearing their abstract reality might soon fall to the fate of things like 'metaphysics' and 'philosopy' and until recently psychology. But none of these diciplines ever had anything to fear to begin with as each can today effortlessly thwart reductionist viewpoints.

What amazes me most about FC is the same old drivel cast a thousand different ways - few seem to grasp the answer as a matter of categorical distinction. I used to think I was not particularly bright until I saw an endless set of responses indicating they simply did not get it. I used to figure if I could figure something out I should ass ume other people did as well and I proceeded to do with its implications only to realize the implcations were not in general understood. Although we each have our own agenda and color our perceptions of input, the discrimination between mathematical 'realness' and physical 'realness' is from my perspective a VERY basic concept. LOL
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