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There is no paradox if you allow for the reciprocal nature of reality... which requires both the [conceptual aspect] and the [physical aspect] in order to talk intelligently about things in the world.


A friend of mine who was a maths teacher claims 0 is not a number but a place marker. Is he right or wrong?
At the same time that we realise that the physical is distinct from the conceptual ~ classical dualism ~ we also have to realise that the qualitative is distinct from the quantitative.

You ask a great question Peat, in order to answer it, we have to realise that numbers themselves are meaningless unless they measure some quality.

In computer programming terms, we have to consider zero in the same category as numbers, it seems, but not always...

... the concepts of zero, nil, nul, and 'a space' all seem very similar,
but are qualitatively different - and we often use the term 'nothing' in a variety of contexts.

In its extremity - having no math capacity is less than having no programming capacity, and less than both would be to not exist as a subject to even be wrong in any respect.


Object permanance is a psychological concept acquired in infancy where one learns the princiciple that just because something seems to not exist (you cannot see it), does not mean it stops existing.

Its most probable that subatomic particles are passing through this 3-d universe and existed before we saw them appear, and after they have gone ~ in space that is many more dimensions greater than 3.
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