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The Mind Post your inquiries into the human mind. Topics include cognition, emotion, behaviors, and dreaming.

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Old 07-13-2008, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Neftel Leli View Post
Sleeplessness can have alot to do with stress. Sometimes love can provoke this as well. Eliminating stress from your relationship in this case should be a must. If it has turned into something abusive naturally it will cause stress. So, let your partner know your having sleeplessness issues. If he cares he will try to help you sleep like buying you Sleepy time tea, taking you to the doctor himself, and he could take you out and bring you home early so you do not lose to much sleep like before twelve or something.
A boyfriend for example who knows about this in his sweet heart can ask you a few times a week things like " Sweetie have you been getting enough sleep this week"? Then, to even check to see if your telling the truth he could say something like,"Okay, I believe you but just to check tell me what you dreamed last night?" A dear friend lost all her sleeplessness symptoms so well that even when she'd argue with her boyfriend he made it clear that he wanted her to sleep as much as possible. If anything if the relationship doesn't work they certainly will remain friends.

In my case while working a full-time job and studying at night I had this issue. Especially before tests. Plus to boot I gained so much weight in a few years I was terribly miserable with my appearance even. I went to the doctor, my job gave me time off to recuperate, and would you believe i actually lost those 70 extra pounds. Yeah! That's alot of weight to lose, okay! Sleeplessness still gets me sometimes. I try jogging, and other physical activities like exercising. I watch my diet carefully because I want the ideal weigh for my height. Of course if I lose another 70 I'd become anorexic. So, dieting now is not such a drastic burden ; but it could come back. It is alot easier to diet now like a piece of cake (No carelessness is necessary.) The tendency to be bulemic needs to be controlled foooooor eeeeeeever!

Thanks for reading.

thanks..but for me,I do not have any problems with the relationships in my life.

my problem was anxiety.about my future..and about a friend ,who is at present not with me.. has been 3 or four days,I posted this ..
now that,though I cannot claim that I'm perfectly alright,I'm feeling better than taht day...
An eye for an eye,makes the whole world blind..
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