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Religion Discussions on religions, mysticism, and spirituality as well as opposing views such as agnosticism and atheism.

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Old 12-10-2006, 06:38 AM
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Post Science and Logic

Petitioner (P): You have to speak every spiritual concept within the limits of the scripture (Veda) based on ancient Indian logic only. Do not bring science in to philosophy.

Mediator (M): Ancient Indian logic is as good as science. The Mithya Vada is exactly same as the present theory of relativity.

Respondent (R): Logic and science deal with the same subject which is the study of the analysis of various items of the world. In the ancient logic also they were referring to experimental proof in the name of experience (Anubhava). The only difference between science and logic is that science needs experimental proof in every step, whereas in ancient logic (Tarka) the experimental proof is inadequate. Therefore, certain points like propagation of sound in vacuum as per the ancient logic are proved wrong in science. Of course, certain concepts like relativity established by Shankara based on ancient logic are good since the same theory of relativity is established in science in-to-to. This means that ancient logic has both defects and merits, where as science has all the merits only.

The ancient spiritual preachers have taken the logic (science) that was developed up to their times. Why should I not take science (logic) developed by this time, when the subject of logic and science is one and the same? I have not deviated my self from the tradition of those ancient preachers in anyway. If you object my science, you have to object the logic of those preachers also for the same reason.

You want to roam in the scripture based on the old underdeveloped logic so that you will be constantly revolving in the vicious circle only that never ends. This is the reason for the quarrels between the followers of those preachers which never end. If you are based on the present developed logic (science), the quarrels will end since the difference is not in the statements of scriptures but is in the logical interpretations of those statements.

P: We do not want either ancient logic or the modern science because Brahman (God) is above logic as per Veda (Scripture). Therefore, we have to confine to the scripture only regarding the discussions about God.

R: If scripture alone is to be followed, what is the reason for these quarrels? When the scripture is one and the same for every body, there should not be any difference in the interpretations. Therefore, logic is essential to examine the validity of these interpretations to find out the correct interpretation. We agree that God is above logic or science because science or logic cannot cross the dimensions of space. Science or logic can never touch God who is beyond space. But certain items of creation like awareness, energy, energetic form, statue etc are projected as God by various schools.

These items are defined by the spatial dimensions and therefore can be rejected to be God. Science is required to examine these items to decide whether they are beyond space or not. Therefore, science is useful to identify the non-God items, projected as God. If any one of these is proved to be beyond space, then it must be God. Therefore, science is useful not only to reject the non-God items directly but also to establish God indirectly.
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Old 12-10-2006, 06:44 AM
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You come to know the Maker by His Works.
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Old 12-10-2006, 06:45 AM
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She's going to be pissed I said that.....
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