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Space and Time Discussions on space, time, relativity, physics, and the nature of the universe.

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Old 01-25-2009, 10:46 AM
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The science advances and the intelligence also
This is a new theory, don't unite statement. Therefore it is not Spam.
Thank you to Understand me



The planet is a three-dimensional phenomenon that makes us see everything in a direct way. In any place of the planet in that we are, we will always see all right and plane.

The ocean doesn't fall because it weighs. All that enters in the field of the planet obtains weight. The weight increases while denser it is the space or universe. The space is denser while there is less height.

The planet it is in its around contaminate of energy that it leaves the planet. Perhaps this energy is who gives weight to what enters in its field.


The solar system is made up of numerous rings created by the planets, moons and sun.

The Sun moves to its rings and the rings move to the planets.

Everything begins in the Sun, where they happen diverse nuclear explosions and begins to move.

Clear the Sun moves first that the planets and for that reason the rings exist, because of them the sequence of movements begins, from the sun until the moons.

In conclusion: the moon, the sun and the planets have three-dimensional rings that it allows the communication among them and they don't allow to come closer and that they collide among themselves. To move a block first I should play it, the same thing happens in the Solar System, to move a planet first I should play it and it is. that that they make the rings of the Sun.


Two imams are attracted, because there is an element in them that he/she stretches out, (perhaps it is the energy or electricity that it is inside them).

When bringing near a metal to the imam the elastic element it is attracted by the metal. And as all elastic element he/she wants to return to their original form, it attracts I get to the metal.

The same thing happens to the atoms. An elastic element attracts to the protons. Perhaps be the energy of the Quarks, the that stretches and the origin of the force strong.


In the solar System, the sun doesn't have a motor creating gravitational force.

In the planets a motor doesn't exist creating forces of attraction.

In an atom a motor doesn't exist creating force of attraction.


Who unites to the ocean to the earth; a magic that emerge of the planet or something that surrounds to the planet?


This theory doesn't affect Newton equations, since Newton called to the force created by the weight like graveness

By Victor Elías Espinoza Guedez

Questions that have made me

1. - Says that the planets and the Sun don't have weight; but then says that they liberate energy that is but strong that the weight of the planets. It is not contradictory?

2. - I don't see clear that of "to move the quickest hand that the speed of the time". No it is the time one of the references of the speed?

3. - And does reason exist the weight and not the gravity?

4. - Which movements are they produced by the gravity?

5. - And reason the movements of the tide change?

6. - And how do they originate the rings?


1. - With regard to the weight of the planets If the planets weighed imagines their weight and the force that it is needed to move them... for that reason they move around the sun, because they don't have weight!

2. - With regard to the speed of the time of the second theory Espinoza, I speak of 2 speeds: the speed 1 that of the time and the speed 2 that of the hand.... The speed doesn't have anything to do with the time. If the time exists doesn't have several speeds, only an and that of the hand is a speed non time. For the speed it is needed to use force, that is to say, it is the result of a force.... The time doesn't need force…. for that reason they are 2 different things.

3. - The things acquire weight because the energy that leaves the planet puts less dense to the universe than it surrounds to the planet. And reason falls toward the earth, because there is less density toward the earth than toward the external space. The things don't fall for attraction but for their weight. When we inflate a globe for children with Helium, this leaves up because the energy that leaves the planet expels him up. To the view the Helium collides with the energy that leaves the planet and other things as the smoke that also ascends instead of lowering... The atoms that conform the atmosphere also have weight, since they are in a polluted field of energy and therefore, this is located in a place called less dense universe. I already explained the reason it becomes less dense the universe that surrounds to the planet, the energy that leaves the planet heats the particles of the universe and they separate creating a less dense universe to create weight.

4. - None, the graveness doesn't exist. The Solar System moves in the following way: FIRST: the sun moves due to its diverse gigantic nuclear explosions, SECOND: the connected rings move in the sun, THIRD: the planets receive the movements that you/they bring the rings, FOURTH: the planet moves its rings, FIFTH AND LAST: the moons move receiving the movements that you/they bring the rings of the planets. As we can see the origin of the movements it is the SUN and don't unite imaginary force that you/they call it gravity. The movement in the Solar System is a chain that begins in the Sun and it finishes in the moons. In the following ones graphic, we will see of green color the different rings created by the Sun and the planet Earth, these rings should be since in another dimension we cannot see them, but until they pass thousands of years, when the man can see the other dimensions that it hides the universe, by means of the use of the sixth sense that today is developing in the human beings of the planet earth. Meanwhile I was ahead them clear: let us see the graphs: The movement in the planet earth, I already explained to them in the question (3). To see the graphs should enter in the following page web: (page 2 of My Answers).

5. - If is due to something that comes of out, it should be a ring of the moon that that changes the tides.

6. - When we see in a magnifying glass, we enlarge the size of the things (any thing); the same thing happens to the planets, their size is enlarged several times by the different dimensions. What I mean is that the rings are the planets, sun and moon enlarged. This allows us to suggest that the movement of the sun is transmitted by its different sizes in other dimensions, that is to say, different rings. When we see a magnifying glass, we also see a ring that enlarges what is behind the magnifying glass. The same thing happens to the planets, when we see a planet we don't see their rings, because we don't still have a magnifying glass to see rings in other dimensions, the dimensions repeat they enlarge the size of the planets and create the rings. This you can use to open a window and to enter to other dimensions, because if my theory is correct, the walls of the dimensions, are made up of a similar element to the glass of a magnifying glass. That is to say, if a magnifying glass enlarges and the dimensional walls also, then reason the glass of the magnifying glass is transparent the same as the dimensional wall. Has to have a resemblance among magnifying glass, long views and telescopes with the no accountable of the dimensions. This says it to help to the fabricate of a dimensional door.
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Old 01-25-2009, 10:53 AM
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Welcome victorespinoz. This is a grand theory and it shall be interesting to trace how you defend it now that you have declared it - respect to you for doing as much.
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Old 01-25-2009, 12:48 PM
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Ben, you are respecting a mentally retarded, illiterate sack of dropsy.
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Old 01-25-2009, 03:50 PM
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Old 01-29-2009, 11:16 AM
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"how to make gravity dissapear"

parallax: this way or that (but where is the middle?)

parallax error: middle not in line?

true parallax: "middle IS "this way or that": a perfect balance?

A magnifying glass provides an inversion- a "balance perfect" : parallax relative? (a position angle interferometery?)

with "a perfect balance" (an "inverse magnifing glass") you get "a flying" saucer- a "space 'flat'" a time from a space

so gravity (i.e. background) "vanishes" because background and foreground are in perfect (or relatively perfect- if making a actual flying saucer?)(i.e. a "hover-board" e.g.?) harmony? (a "rare" earth) So can use the "rare earths" for a practical demonstration of "how to make gravity (seem) to dissapear (by entangling it directly with a specific arrangement of rare earth elements (like in clay?) vibrated at a particular frequency ??? which generates a particular shape....

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Old 01-29-2009, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Ben Burkhill View Post
Welcome victorespinoz. This is a grand theory and it shall be interesting to trace how you defend it now that you have declared it - respect to you for doing as much.
This place needs new posters, I did imply that his position would be difficult to defend but felt it important to encourage new thought and effort none the less - that and I knew the doorman would rip his leg off so I tried to get in some encouragement first to bolster his will.
Self control is the chief element in self respect and self respect is the chief element in courage.

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